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Used Water Dealers - Rainwater Harvesting

Recent drought leads Latta FFA students to become used water dealers.
Used Water Dealers - Rainwater Harvesting

Used Water Dealers - Rainwater Harvesting

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Show 1542: Used Water Dealers - Latta FFA
Air Date: October 18, 2015



Rob McClendon: Well, members of the Latta FFA Chapter were honored for their work recycling water by a local conservation group. The chapter used a $2,000 grant from the National FFA to install a rainwater collection system they now plan to market.

Rob McClendon: For FFA adviser Seth Reeves, when it comes to rain every drop counts.

Seth Reeves: I just wanted to start looking at ways that we could, here at the ag building, teach people and show people an actual model on how to reclaim and harvest some of these natural resources to use in the future with the drought.

Rob: Using gutters and barrels, Reeves’ FFA chapter devised an inexpensive system to save every raindrop.

Seth Reeves: Most buildings already have gutters on them, so why not divert those gutters into the tanks so that they can start collecting this natural resource?

Rob: A simple system that helped Reeves’ FFA chapter win an award for their conservation efforts.

Reeves: Our goal is to, as a chapter, to start marketing this through our natural resources class next year and start pushing this and promoting this as a way of, “Hey, this is another form of collecting drinking water for not only your animals and plants but also for human consumption.”

Rob: Harvesting water to save water – one barrel at a time.