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Foot Stompin’ Music

Oklahoma musicians are honored during a night of foot-stomping music at the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.
Foot Stompin’ Music

Foot Stompin’ Music

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Show 1541: Foot Stompin’ Music
Air Date: October 11, 2015



Rob McClendon: Well, Oklahomans have always had a rich and profound impact on our country’s musical culture. And on an annual basis, Oklahoma’s Music Hall of Fame has been honoring the world’s most notable talents whose gifts and musical styles are as breathtaking and diverse as the Oklahoma landscape. Our Andy Barth attended this year’s event and has the story of two of their latest inductees.

Andy Barth: Well, the TV show “Hee Haw” is an American classic from the family friendly humor to the music played by world class musicians. And one of those talents was inducted into Oklahoma's Music Hall of Fame during a night of foot stomping music.

Andy Barth: She’s known for playing the blue fiddle on one of America’s favorite shows.

[Fiddle music].

Andy: Now, Jana Jae is an inductee into Oklahoma’s Music Hall of Fame.

Announcer: And I present to you, Ms. Jana Jae [applause].

Jana Jae: Such an honor to have a great partner to do the presenting for this wonderful occasion where I’m honored.

Jana Jae: I’ll tell you it is really exciting. You don’t think about it ahead of time but when it happens it’s just amazing.

Andy: It was a night full of music, and Jae says this honor is one of a kind.

Jae: I feel humbled and honored and excited, thrilled.

Andy: And Jae wasn’t the only person honored at the music filled event. Sherman Halsey was a renowned filmmaker and artist manager. Halsey passed away in 2013 and was posthumously presented with the Governor’s Award for his work in the industry.

Announcer: On behalf of Gov. Fallin and the state of Oklahoma, I would like to present the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame Governor’s Award to the family of Sherman Halsey.

Andy: Jim Halsey is Sherman’s father.

Jim Halsey: Well, it means a lot to me personally because I guess from an early age as a little child growing up I recognized his genius.

[Song lyrics: I want to drink that shot of whiskey. I want to smoke that cigarette.]

Andy: Halsey directed countless music videos for country music’s top artists. Yet his father says Sherman didn’t realize the extent of his talent.

Halsey: He never saw himself as a genius. But he had the eye, he had the ear and he had the ingenuity to think of different ways to present things on film.

Andy: And for Jae, sharing the stage with Oklahoma musicians is humbling.

Jae: This is tall cotton. Oklahoma is full of fabulous musicians, and I am honored to be a part of this.

Andy: It was a night of music and awards, honoring the best in Oklahoma music.

Andy: Other Oklahoma musicians honored at the event were Tom Paxton, Tom Skinner, Otto Gray and his Oklahoma Cowboys and the Apache Tribe of Oklahoma.

Rob: Thank you so much, Andy. Now, if you’d like to learn more about the music video industry, I visited with Sherman’s father, Jim Halsey, about his son’s impact on that industry and that’s streaming on our website. Just go to and look under our value added section. Now, when we return, we’ll tell you how you can learn from some country music greats at the Roy Clark Music School.