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Doug Tapp - Construction Boosts Economy

The Association of General Contractors of Oklahoma depends on CareerTech’s technology center graduates to fill construction jobs.
Doug Tapp - Construction Boosts Economy

Doug Tapp - Construction Boosts Economy

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Show 1540: Doug Tapp - Construction Boosts Economy
Air Date: October 4, 2015



Rob McClendon: Well, Oklahoma’s construction industry does more than just build our roads, offices and homes. It builds our economy. And no one knows that more than our first guest today, Doug Tapp with the Association of General Contractors of Oklahoma.

Rob McClendon: Well, first of all, what does your group do, Doug?

Doug Tapp: We are one of 95 chapters of the AGC nationally. We have three chapters in Oklahoma. And what our chapter, the building chapter does, is we represent about 240 commercial contracting, general contractors, construction managers, especially contractors, service providers, suppliers, etc., all through the state of Oklahoma.

Rob: Now, we just met this young lady that’s very excited about being in the industry. How is the industry doing as a whole?

Tapp: Oklahoma’s industry is good. We haven’t seen any downturn from, you know, the discounted crude oil prices. Our contractors pretty much to a man or a woman are looking for skilled people like the young lady that you interviewed. We’ve got great career opportunities. They can be at a company for as long as they want to as long as they’ve got the skills set and the desire to do so.

Rob: Now, this workforce that you’re talking about, that’s coming from a lot of the tech centers. How does someone get a job in construction?

Tapp: Obviously one method for them to utilize is going through, you know, the tech centers’ programs. We sponsor the NCCER programs throughout that represent masonry, carpentry, plumbing, heat and air, electrical, the instructors utilized to train the young men and young women. And through our relationship with those instructors, they know that if that young man or young lady wants to go into commercial contracting, they’ll point ’em to the AGC for information on our contractors. Currently, we’re also in the process of building a website housed under our chapter that will promote those careers and also hopefully here in the next couple of months, also be a job posting board that our contractors can utilize so that those young potential commercial contractors can look at and say, “Oh, there’s some jobs in carpentry, there’s some jobs in masonry,” and pursue those accordingly.

Rob: So not only it’ll help educate but also to help people find employees. That’s great. October is Construction Month here in Oklahoma; in fact, I just had this proclamation given to me and it’s from the governor. So anything special that you guys are going to do in the month of October?

Tapp: We hope to at least roll out the, the boilerplate of that website. We’ve been talking to our members about, you know, getting more involved with, you know, talking to their and thanking their legislators, thanking the governor. Obviously, you know, we partner up with the tech centers quite often, but we want to, you know, focus on that during the month of October. We have positions that are vice presidents, senior project managers, but then we’ve got companies that are looking for, you know, somebody that’s going to do heat and air or somebody that’s going to do electrical or masonry or dirt work. Somebody that might, you know, grew up playing with their Tonka toys but now want to take it on a grander scale and play around with a D9 dozer. We’ve got all kinds of opportunities for a young man or young woman that’s interested in getting in the business. And they can be there, like I said, for as long as they’d like. They’re fantastic careers. They’re great companies. Typically our companies have really good benefits, good pay scale.

Rob: Yeah, they pay well above the state average.

Tapp: Yes, they do. And they treat their employees very well.

Rob: Are there certain challenges that you see on the horizon for you?

Tapp: Yes, AGC of America did a study a couple years ago that asked what are companies challenged with currently. And 86 percent responded that workforce shortage is their No. 1 concern. We’re seeing it in Oklahoma. We’ve got subcontracting, specialty contractors that need workers. They’re either not bidding, our general contractors, because they’re so full of work they can’t man another job, or, you know, our general contractors are looking for superintendents, project managers, estimators, etc. So I think it’s here, and I think through the help with the CareerTech System, the help with the proclamation, you know, those are little pieces that can help, you know, solve that problem in the future.

Rob: Well, hopefully the work that is underway right now will certainly solve that. Doug, thank you so much.

Tapp: Appreciate it.

Rob: Now, we do have links to those videos, as well as some construction stories we’ve done in the past streaming on our website at