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Small Town Exports

Wilco Manufacturing in Duncan, Okla., exports products worldwide.
Small Town Exports

Small Town Exports

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Show 1438: Small Town Exports
Air Date: September 21, 2014



Rob McClendon: Well, Oklahoma exports hit a record high last year, thanks in large part to the high concentration of energy-related manufacturers here in the state. Our Andy Barth headed to Duncan, Okla., to visit a small town manufacturer with a global focus.

Andy Barth: As sparks fly and iron clanks, Wilco Manufacturing is hard at work to keep up with its strong demand.

Brad Boles: We’re the largest employer. We employ close to 400 employees in a town of 4,500 people.

Andy: Brad Boles is the president of Wilco Manufacturing and says his family’s business is booming.

Brad: We went from a more domestic company to now we’re a global company. In 2009, Wilco won the Oklahoma Governor’s Export Award. We’ve exported actually 50 percent of our sales. Either directly or indirectly, we’re exported internationally.

Andy: And although he’s president of the company, Brad is the third generation of Boles gentlemen to run the business.

Chris Boles: I’ve been to several countries setting up some other shops to assist us in our overseas operations.

Andy: Chris Boles is Brad’s father and the second generation in the Wilco dynasty. Chris’ job entails heading up the international division.

Chris: I just got back from Africa. Had a business in South Africa that was building some tanks for us that are going to be shipped to Angola to do a bulk plant. I’ve been overseeing that a little bit and trying to get everything ready to go to Angola.

Andy: But the man responsible for big business in a tiny town is Wilco founder Pete Boles.

Pete Boles: It’s a good feeling to see my son and my grandson take it and go on, and it’s been a good thing. It makes your head get big sometimes, but then you go back to reality. It’s been good, been great.

Andy: And Wilco’s top priority -- its customers.

Brad: We take care of our customers. You know, even if it means us losing on the job. Even if that means we’ve got to work 24 hours a day. You know, at the end of the day we realize that without the customers, you know, we don’t have any work.

Andy: Supplying the world and employing our state all from small town America.