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Antler Vision

Deer Creek High School students livestream school sporting events on Antler Vision TV, allowing fans around the globe to watch.
Antler Vision

Antler Vision

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Show 1447: Antler Vision
Air Date: November 23, 2014



Rob McClendon: Well, advances in technology have revolutionized the television industry. Broadcasts that once were prohibitively expensive and technically difficult to produce are now part of some innovative classrooms. Joining me now is our Courtney Maye.

Courtney Maye: Rob, at Deer Creek High School, the stars are both on and off the field, thanks to a student-run program that streams sporting events for all to see.

Sports Announcer: To Sims left, Sims rolling left, now fires a pass back to the right – touchdown!

Courtney: The crowd roars, and the cheerleaders cheer. It’s Friday night at Deer Creek High School and Antler Vision is on the air, a livestream broadcast completely run by students.

Chris White: The broadcast is dependent not on just one person, but on multiple. And every person has to pull their part for the broadcast to work. It really takes a 110 percent effort on everyone’s part to get the broadcast to look as great as it does.

My name is Patrick Huton, reporting to you live from Antler Vision.

Courtney: Antler Vision started as a classroom of only five students and within a year has transformed into an organization of almost 40 students livestreaming multiple Deer Creek High School sports every week. Instructor Janet Harris.

Janet Harris: The team that I’ve got, the group of students, they’re like a family. They get along so well. They have fun. They stay after school all day long and they’re here until 10 or 11 o’ clock at night.

Courtney: And the team, including sophomore Rylee Natale, considers Harris family as well.

Rylee Natale: She’s an amazing teacher, and I’ve never seen anyone more involved with our lives and this program than she is. I love that about her.

Courtney: Sophomore Jimmy Griffin says Antler Vision helps him get outside of his comfort zone, and he now realizes his dream job is in the broadcasting industry.

Jimmy Griffin: I’ve gained a lot, not just experiencewise from filming, but just great relationships with people. We all get along. We all kind of have our own ideas and opinions, but we just collaborate and work well together.

Courtney: Sophomore Chris White says Antler Vision offers real-world experience that you don’t find in a typical classroom setting.

White: It’s truly great for the students, but it’s truly great for us as well because we gain so many life skills, so many things that could help us in the technical world.

Courtney: And Athletic Director James Edwards says the organization is serving family members all across the world.

James Edwards: It’s been great for them to be able to produce this and our kids to actually be able to have grandparents and parents and friends be able to watch this when they’re not able to get to the game.

Courtney: Family members like defensive back Kyle Sander’s dad, who was able to watch his son play while in South America.

Troy Sander: It was amazing to be, you know, 4,000 miles away and be able to tune in to the game and know exactly what was going on. I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to be able to do that.

Courtney: The players also benefit from the broadcast, making the college recruiting process as easy as a click of a button.

White: We do all kinds of features with the players. We have highlight videos, we have promotional videos. The players love it – it gets ’em out there. When they’re going to college recruiters they can just, you know, send a link to a game, and they can watch the game because all of our games are archived on our site.

Courtney: And Antler Vision’s Connor Burgin says getting positive feedback from the players is the most rewarding part of the job.

Connor Burgin: It’s fun to go back to school and be with the same players. Whenever they look back on it they’re like, “That’s really cool. I’m glad that you guys did that.”

Cheerleaders: Defense attack – get that ball back.

Courtney: Highlighting the efforts on the field while gaining valuable experience.

Harris: It’s great to teach students that have a real passion for learning and a passion for what they do.

Natale: You get a sense of accomplishment and pride in what you do, and that’s why I love doing this.

Mathew Jennings: It’s a great feeling.

White: I knew this program would be something great.

Courtney: Antler Vision students livestream an average of one to two sporting events a week, and they are hoping with more people and more experience, they will soon be covering a variety of sports – up to three a week.

Rob: And I understand their instructor has earned some notoriety for her teaching methods.

Courtney: Yes, Janet Harris won CareerTech’s Teacher of the Year Award at their annual conference. Harris received a $20,000 check from Express Employment Professionals with $10,000 going towards her classroom needs, which she says will be used for equipment in the new Antler Vision studio.

Rob: Well, certainly a great program and a great bunch of students I just happened to meet earlier this year. Thank you so much, Courtney.

Courtney: You’re welcome, Rob.

Rob: Now, a little later in our show, one hump or two on the Oklahoma Plains.