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Shawna Turner - Sustainability

We visit with Shawna Turner, a member of Oklahoma’s Sustainability Network.
Shawna Turner - Sustainability

Shawna Turner

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Show 0921: Interview with Shawna Turner - Sustainability

Air date: May 24, 2009



Rob:  Well, all of the stories we've brought you today have one thing in common.  Each, in their own way, creates a more sustainable Oklahoma.  Joining me now is Shawna Turner, a member of Oklahoma’s Sustainability Network.  Well I had the pleasure of going to your state meeting, and I was really surprised by just how diverse this group is.

Shawna Turner:  It is very diverse.  We work on a whole range of issues, both at the state level and at the local level.  We have a number of things we do in Oklahoma including energy efficiency, water conservation, promoting local foods.  And then we also have our chapters.  There are nine chapters all over Oklahoma, and they work on issues that are important in their community.

Rob:  So if someone wants to get involved in the network, what do they need to do?

Turner:  Well I would recommend that you visit our website which is that’s for the Oklahoma Sustainability Network.  And all of our other chapters have their websites listed there.  As I mentioned we have nine chapters.  There’s one in Shawnee where I live, Oklahoma City, Tulsa.  And we’re about to begin a new chapter in Anadarko.

Rob:  Now I want to visit more about one thing you mentioned, buy fresh buy local, because we’re going to be doing a show on it in a couple of weeks.  Tell us more about that.

Turner:  Sure.  It’s been a very successful campaign in cooperation with the Kerr Center, just based in the Tulsa area.  We’ve been working to increase the number of local farmers and help to expand the audience and customers for local farmers in Oklahoma.  And the exciting thing is that the Buy Fresh, Buy Local campaign is expanding to the Oklahoma City area; in a new market with our chapter in south Oklahoma County, they’ll be opening a new farmers market as part of that campaign later this year.

Rob:  And ultimately the group’s aim is just to create a more sustainable Oklahoma.  In a nutshell, tell us what that means.

Turner:  Well it means that looking at the things that you do every day and making a decision.  Is this the right thing for me to do?  Is this something that can be done by my children?  Should I not be making choices to reduce my footprint, so to speak, where I live?  And choices that you make that you pass them on to your children; and then your neighbors see what you do, and they learn from your actions as well.  I mean, you set an example for others to follow, and that’s what we try to teach others and to share with other people that we talk to.

Rob:  Well a great organization.  Shawna, thank you for being here.

Turner:  Thank you.

Rob:  And we have a link to the Sustainability Network on our website at