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Super Family

Well its no secret that Oklahoma is home to many extraordinary people but for the Dvorak family of Perry, their Oklahoma excellence has gained some national attention.
Super Family

Super Family

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Show 0902: Super Family

Air date: January 11, 2009



Rob:  Well it’s no secret that Oklahoma is home to many extraordinary people, yet for the Dvorak family of Perry, their Oklahoma excellence has gained some national attention.  Our Russ Jowell introduces us.

Russ:  It’s a day just like any other on the Dvorak farm in Noble County. The cows are being herded, horses are trotting, and the family dogs are playing in the warm sun. But while this may seem like any ordinary family farm, the family that calls it home is anything but.

Awards Announcer:  And the winner is;

Scott and Carol Dvorak, Noble County.

Russ:  That’s because the farm’s namesake family was recently named Farm Family of the Year by the Oklahoma Farm Bureau.

Scott Dvorak:  I think it was a real honor to receive it.  It meant a lot to us.

Russ:  For the lucky couple, the award represents a culmination of their traditional life principles as well as a burning passion for their profession.

Carol Dvorak:  We just made fun around what we were already doing.  And I think that’s a big part of what makes it exciting is that everybody wants to participate.  They want to be involved and try to make it worthwhile.

Russ:  And on the Dvorak farm, everyone lends a helping hand, including the couple’s three children.

Scott:  One of the things, I think, that helps to make our farm successful is the involvement of our children.  And, it varies.  Our two oldest now have their own careers, and they come back to help when they can.  Our youngest is a college student; he helps when he can too; and he’s a very big part of our operation.

Carol:  Children can see firsthand how things grow and develop.  You know, planting a seed is a big deal to them.  They really see that happen.  They see baby animals born.  They watch them grow.  It’s fantastic.

Russ:  And planting seeds is something Carol knows about all too well.

Carol:  Oh, fantastic.

Russ:  As a business technology instructor at Meridian Technology Center, she was also recently honored with another special award.

Carol:  The award that I won was the Outstanding Teacher in Community Service.  It is an award that is sponsored by the association for career-tech teachers.

Russ:  An award given to those teachers who best exemplify the principles of community service in their classrooms.

Carol:  What I’ve done, over the years that I’ve been teaching, is have my students participate in a variety of community service activities.  And they do several different kinds of things.  And I like that format, because there are some students that like to create and design, and they might like to do the promotional flyers.  Then there are other students that would rather organize and collect.  And then there’s other students that like to do the computer work.  We’ve scheduled for blood drives and we’ve kept records on the computer of different kinds of things that we’ve done.

Carol:  I think that it really teaches the students the value of being involved.  They are working with people other than just classmates and teachers.  It gets them out of the regular school environment, and they’re really seeing a lot of things going on in the community.

Russ:  Making for an outstanding Oklahoma family both inside, and out of, the classroom.