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Trayless Tuesdays

Oklahoma State University is adding a new twist to lunch this semester designed to curb wasted food and wasted energy.
Trayless Tuesdays

Trayless Tuesday

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Show 0846: Trayless Tuesdays

Air date: November 16, 2008



Rob:  College campuses tend to be the testing ground for more than a few ways of new thinking.  So how about a new way of eating lunch?  Oklahoma State University is adding a new twist this semester designed to curb wasted food and wasted energy.  Our Hannah Wright explains.

Hannah:  It’s a new way of thinking about something that many never thought of.

Terry Baker:  What happens is on Tuesdays of every week, we eliminate the use of trays in our all you care to eat facilities.

Hannah:  Trayless Tuesdays are a new concept and a part of OSU’s campus-wide initiative to go green.  And dining services director, Terry Baker says, it’s catching on.

Baker:  So by carrying without trays we save in a lot of factors; and one of them being all the water and the hundreds of gallons of water that we have in using washing the trays.  We save on energy which is very important.  And we save on chemicals as well as the food waste.

Hannah:  Studies have shown, students eat as much as five ounces less on Trayless Tuesdays than when they use trays.  That adds up to 46 pounds of food per person, per year.

Baker:  Depending on the time of day and the facility, we see anywhere from 10 to 25 percent savings in food waste alone.

Hannah:  Big savings for an eco conscious OSU.

Baker:  And that is just to reduce our consumption of energy to be more efficient, more effective in what we do, and to provide the best possible product with the environment in mind.  I feel it’s really been successful.  We just started a little over a month ago, and it’s really starting to catch on.

We do trayless Tuesdays to help with our go green effort and sustainability.

That makes sense.