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DECA Business - Treasured Gowns

More than 100,000 students are learning skills for a competitive workplace thanks to a marketing organization called DECA.

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Show 0808: DECA Business - Treasured Gowns

Air date: February 24, 2008



Rob:  Well more than 100,000 students are learning skills for a competitive workplace, thanks to a marketing organization called DECA, an association that’s been around for more than 60 years providing young people opportunities to become America’s future business leaders in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship.  Our Jessica Betts met up with two, very like-minded young ladies working to market a luxury dress shop while preparing a big treat for one lucky customer.

Jessica:  They may not look alike, but they certainly have a lot in common.

You’re twins?  We’re twins.

Jessica:  Belinda and Melinda Jett are 17 year-old twins, who’ve been busy creating a marketing plan for Susan Bowren, owner of Treasured Gowns.

Susan Bowren:  I needed some way to market that didn’t cost a lot, because we are, you know, family owned.

Jessica:  So she contacted her local technology center for help, and that’s where the twins stepped in.

Belinda Jett:  We went to many schools to pass out flyers and brochures and took some surveys.  And we got a lot of good feedback from a lot of students and parents and staff like that.  And it’s benefited Treasured Gowns, because they’ve had many students coming in and looking at dresses, and registering for the dream prom giveaway.

Jessica:  An incentive that will give a lucky shopper, the opportunity to get a free dress, shoes, accessories, tux rental…

You get a dinner and your date; do you have a date yet?

No, not yet.

Well, whenever you do, you can take him to dinner or…

Jessica:  Melinda says securing theses free donations, took a lot of work.

Melinda Jett:  I had to go out and seek donations a day by myself.  And to me, that was very nerve wracking, because I’m not used to being independent.  So I went into these stores you know, thinking, it was going to be so easy, and I got turned down a lot.  So that was kind of stressful to me.

Jessica:  Valuable skills she’s learning as a high school student, all because of DECA, a marketing organization she and her sister became involved with at Tulsa Technology Center.  Arlynda Sexton is their DECA advisor.

Arlynda Sexton:  It focuses on leadership development, social intelligence.  It’s just a great organization.  And it provides so many opportunities, not only educational opportunities, but there are scholarships that are involved.

Jessica:  Learning lessons.

Belinda:  DECA time, you have to be 15 minutes early to everything you go to.  And so, being on time to everything and being responsible.

Jessica:  And able to distinguish business affairs, from personal ones.

Melinda and Belinda:  If you’re together with somebody 24/7, you’re going to have disagreements.  But we always work it out; everything turns out for the best.

I always win.

No, I do.

Jessica:  A win, that Susan is grateful for.

Bowren:  I’m seeing new girls come in and they’re bringing their slips in and wanting to, you know, sign up for the drawing.  It helps some special girl in the community.  I wish we could do more.

Rob:  So, Jess, it sounds like a great deal, for not only Treasured Gowns, but the girls, and anyone who’s going to win this prom dress give-away.

Jessica:  It’s an awesome opportunity.  The drawing is on March 1st.  So guys, and girls, have a week to drive to Sapulpa and enter.

Rob:  So is this a special case, or can any business get help from these DECA students?

Jessica:  Any business interested in marketing help can contact their local technology center or high school and ask for the DECA instructor.  These students are so eager to gain this experience.

Rob:  And exactly how does this class work?

Jessica:  Well for instance, Belinda and Melinda took on an individual project.  All DECA students take class time learning communication skills and human relations skills.  And then sometimes they’re given huge class projects like in this next story.