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Cherokee Industries

The Cherokee Nation owns a wide variety of companies and is one of the state's largest employers. We look at how Native American-owned companies are helping Oklahoma's economy.
Cherokee Industries

Cherokee Environmental Solutions

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Show 0851: Cherokee Industries

Air date: December 21, 2009



Rob:  The Cherokee Nation owns a wide variety of companies and is one of the state’s largest employers.  Our Keith Smith has a closer look at one of these enterprises and how Native American owned companies are helping Oklahoma’s economy.

Keith:  It’s training day for Cherokee CRC’s Nicole Veit.

Nicole Veit:  They’ve been training me on different sampling techniques, and I write a bunch of smaller reports.

Cheryl Cohenour:  It’s very exciting to have students that come in with, they have, you know, expectations of learning something new.

Keith:  President, Cheryl Cohenour, on job creation.

Cheryl Cohenour:  Cherokee Nation, businesses, employs about 8,000 employees in northeastern Oklahoma right now.  And five years ago, they employed maybe 3,000.  So as these business units diversify, and we’re able to create jobs, then it benefits Oklahoma’s economy.

Keith:  Cherokee CRC provides environmental and professional services for the government.  Vice president, Dwayne Beavers, says they’re in the business of finding solutions.

Dwayne Beavers:  Collectively, we really are cleaning up underground storage tanks, federal facilities where there may have been some contamination.  And we’re just a part of that whole in cleaning up Oklahoma.

Cheryl Cohenour:  We have government contracts that are nationwide.  Those dollars come back to Oklahoma.

Dwayne Beavers:  Some of the other projects we’re able to work on with the federal government is water quality studies.

Cheryl Cohenour:  One of the really positive things about the Cherokee Nation is, it is headquartered here in Oklahoma.  And it’s one of those headquarters that just won’t leave.  I mean, we’re not going to leave and move to Houston.  We are rooted here, both in heritage, and culture; and we’re going to continue to grow our business units.

Keith:  On-the-job training with plenty of opportunities.

Dwayne Beavers:  They can move from environmental technician, to environmental scientist, to a junior project manager.

Cheryl Cohenour:  We’re adding employees.  We’re adding opportunities.  And we’re growing and diversifying into many different areas.

Keith:  Growth that’s good for the Cherokee Nation, and good for Oklahoma.