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Bedre Chocolate Factory

Rich, creamy chocolate is a delight for the young and old. A business enterprise of the Chickasaw Nation, Bedre Chocolates Factory and retail Outlet Store is a manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of gourmet chocolate products.
Bedre Chocolate Factory

Bedre Chocolate Factory

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Show 0851: Bedre Chocolate Factory

Air date: December 21, 2009



Rob:  Well, if you’ve driven down I-35 lately, you may have seen the sign for Bedré Chocolates, a local confectionary company that is owned by the Chickasaw Nation.  Our Alisa Hines takes us for a visit.

Alisa:  You can smell the chocolate in the air at the Bedré Chocolate Factory, where general manager, Jeff Case, says chocolate isn’t actually made, but it is created.

Jeff Case:  We at Bedré purchase chocolate, and then we have a secret blend of chocolate to achieve the Bedré signature taste that seems to be so popular.

Alisa:  And what they create isn’t your average candy bar.

Jeff Case:  Well, we produce chocolate-covered potato chips.  We enrobe items.  You can look at our products in sections or categories, enrobed items like the chips, which are a very popular seller.  There’s, we also have items that we make that are molded items.  For example, candy bars, melt-aways fall into that line.  Then we wrap them in lots of different ways.

Alisa:  And while the chocolate at Bedré is certainly tasty, it also has an added economic benefit for the Chickasaw Nation.

Jeff Case:  And it’s, Bedré, while I like to think of it on its own, is part of a bigger whole, that being the Chickasaw Nation and its enterprises.  Right now the Chickasaw Nation is about 66.6 percent self-sufficient.  And businesses like Bedré, the two newspapers, the bank, or actually one newspaper and two radio stations, these businesses will help us become 100 percent self-sufficient.

Alisa:  Making this Oklahoma sweet, even sweeter.  In fact, Bedré now sells their chocolate to Neiman Marcus, under their own private label.

Jeff Case:  The product there, it’s chocolate-covered potato chips, in milk, dark, and white, all three, different flavors.  Also a couple of candy bars, dark chocolate, espresso, and also milk chocolate peanut butter chip, that has, in addition to the peanut butter, has little pieces of chips in it, potato chips.

Alisa:  But you don’t have to drive to Dallas to taste these treats.  Bedré has their own factory outlet store just east of Pauls Valley off of I-35.