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Rural Land Value
While real estate prices have held their own in urban areas, in rural Oklahoma it's even better. Land prices in the country are higher than ever, thanks to the ...
Poultry Litter
A solution to the challenge of how to meet the demand for food while preserving the land around it.
Oklahoma’s Port to the Sea
A new federal project is underway to help ensure the safety of the cargo shipping out from the Port of Catoosa.
Interview with Donald Hamilton - National Security
We visit with Donald Hamilton, executive director of the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism, about whether or not the Port of Catoosa could be ...
Courthouse Dome
An old courthouse receives a new hairline.
Farm to School
The University of Oklahoma campus is going all natural thanks to the Farm to School program.
Trayless Tuesdays
Oklahoma State University is adding a new twist to lunch this semester designed to curb wasted food and wasted energy.
One Oklahoma restaurant has taken using more locally grown food a step further in a groundbreaking process that starts in a greenhouse and ends up as part of a ...
Project Boomerang
If there's no place like home, a new project hopes to keep it that way by bringing former Oklahomans back to the state.
Boone Pickens Stadium
During the annual bedlam match between OSU and OU, all eyes will be trainined on the field at Boone Pickens Stadium, but a look around the stadium will reveal ...
Helping create a workforce to fill jobs in the construction industry is the goal of SkillsUSA, a partnership of students, teachers, and industry working ...
Producer's Co-op Oil Mill
Oklahoma farmers now have help in planting the seeds for a new market in the state. We look at the future of farming.
Sweet Sorghum
While it will take untold billions to build America's alternative energy infrastructure, the answer for some may be a lot closer to home and a whole lot less ...
Ponca City Development Authority
While many cities across the nation are struggling to put their citizens to work, one Oklahoma community is finding it can't fill jobs fast enough.
Interview with David Myers - Rural Development
We visit with David Myers, Executive Director of the Ponca City Development Authority, about what Ponca City is doing to increase their workforce.
Skills Readiness Certification Training
While Oklahoma employers are working to create new jobs, they can't do it alone, which is why a new effort is underway to give potential employees a leg up in ...
America's Top Dog
Travis Brorsen is a reality star and America's top dog owner all thanks to man's best friend and the lessons he learned while still a student.
Boom and Bust
As oil prices plunge around the world, many fear Oklahoma could face another boom and bust cycle that has been the bane of our state's energy sector. Leaders ...
Interview with Tom Price - Energy Future
We visit with Chesapeake's senior vice president for corporate development, Tom Price, about the future of Oklahoma's energy industry.
Oklahoma Film Industry
Oklahoma goes out of its way to attract up and coming filmmakers to the state and Oklahoma is at the center of what insiders see as a growing trend.
Cherokee Industries
The Cherokee Nation owns a wide variety of companies and is one of the state's largest employers. We look at how Native American-owned companies are helping ...
Bedre Chocolate Factory
Rich, creamy chocolate is a delight for the young and old. A business enterprise of the Chickasaw Nation, Bedre Chocolates Factory and retail Outlet Store is a ...
Interview with Bill Anoatubby - Chickasaw Nation Expansion
We visit with Bill Anoatubby, Governor of the Chickasaw Nation, about their efforts to expand into business areas outside the gaming industry.
Kidz 4 Troops
A Metro Tech instructor has taken it upon himself to ensure that all our service men and women receive a kind word of encouragement from some warm hearts ...
SouthWest NanoTechnologies is on the verge of making Oklahoma the leader in nano technologies.