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Oklahoma Wine Trail
We travel down an agritourism trail where Oklahomans turn water into wine.
Gene Clifton - Shipping Woes
The president of the Oklahoma Grape and Wine Commission talks about shipping issues surrounding the state’s rapidly growing wine industry.
Downtown Fruit
Value Added: In downtown McAlester, Okla., Whispering Meadows Vineyard & Winery is a one-stop shop for any wine connoisseur.
One Taste at a Time
Value Added: Just outside of Fairview, Okla., the Flaming family’s orchard and winery is growing clientele, one taste at a time.
Drought Buster?
Improving Oklahoma’s long-term drought will require above-normal rainfall for more than one season.
Steve Solomon - Water: The Epic Struggle
Water plays a critical role in commerce. Author Steve Solomon talks about water and the struggles that come with it.
Coyle Teacher Brings Ag into the Classroom
Connie Whitmore is honored as Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom’s 2015 Teacher of the Year.
Auras: A New Way to Interact
Value Added: Augmented reality app Aurasma provides an engaging digital experience in an Ag in the Classroom workbook.
Solar Cooking
Arlus Walters operates a heritage turkey farm and is the inventor of Walters Solar Cooker.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1519
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we examine how the downturn in oil prices could affect new graduates.
Right Education for the Job
With the downturn in the oil and gas industry, petroleum engineering graduates are hard-pressed to find jobs.
Bridging the Skills Gap
SkillsUSA prepares its students for careers that will bridge a big skills gap.
Security Guards Provide Safety
Metro Technology Centers train students to become security guards who can handle diverse situations.
Down on the Ranch Couture
This crafty entrepreneur creates handbags and accessories that are taking the fashion world by storm.
Sowing the Seeds of Success
Metro Tech graduates have the needed skills to fill the most difficult positions in the workforce.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1520
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we’ll look at concerns over an outbreak that threatens the poultry industry and skills training to fill in-demand jobs.
Chad Wilkerson - Downturn in Energy Affects Economy
The downturn in the energy sector is leaving workers without jobs and increasing the unemployment rate.
Love for Math Discovered While Welding
Jordan Danser, a math major, discovered his love for math while using a welder’s torch at Canadian Valley Technology Center.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1245
This week on Oklahoma Horizon: Domestic energy production and the Dust Bowl.
A Rig a Day Keeps the Saudis Away
U.S. energy -- solar, wind and oil -- has built a great nation, a superpower, and given us the freedom to move.
Domestic Oil Production on the Rise
U.S. oil production is at its highest point since 2003, but it's still less than one-third of our oil consumption; the rest is imported from other nations, ...
T. Boone's take on CNG
Value Added: Dependence on foreign oil has long been an American weakness. We visit with T. Boone Pickens about what may be the best solution in a generation ...
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1408
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we take a look at the energy industry and the jobs it is creating.
Race Toward Energy Independence
Oklahoma’s ability to pioneer new and innovative technologies keeps the state at the forefront of the nation’s energy industry.
Michael Teague - Water Conservation is Key
Oklahoma Secretary of Energy and Environment Michael Teague discusses the need for water conservation.
Chuck Mills - Education Is Tied to Jobs
Chuck Mills believes in the magic of manufacturing, as Mills Machines has grown up with Oklahoma’s energy industry.
Training in the Wind
When a semitrailer carrying a wind turbine wound up in a ditch, Francis Tuttle Technology Center turned the accident into a learning tool.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1410
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at Oklahoma’s booming economy and enjoy some tunes from the Medicine Stone Music Festival.
Oklahoma: The Global Crossroads
Oklahoma has transformed the heartland into a global crossroads by connecting its abundant resources.
Deidre Myers - Oklahoma Is Plugged In
We examine four of Oklahoma’s growing business sectors that are creating jobs and attracting new industry to the state.