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Central High
The cost of housing is a major expense for most families, but there is help for those wanting to own a home. Employer assisted housing is helping both families ...
Financial Literacy
Youth may be fleeting but debt can stay with you for decades and with the average college student now graduating with more than $20,000 in debt, the lessons ...
Crying Babies
Unwed parents and also divorce is costing Oklahoma taxpayers upwards of $4,000,000 a year. Bringing those numbers down is the goal of some new and innovative ...
Positive Ways
The Positive Ways organization is a group of Oklahoma City High School students dedicated to spreading the message of abstinence and postpoining sexual ...
FFA Convention
When it began in 1928, the Future Farmers of America was designed to promote agricultural education. In the years since then, the name was shortened to FFA and ...
American Star Farmer
From the state convention, competition winners move on to compete at the national convention where only a handful earn the American Star Award. It's FFA's ...
Saddle Maker
Most artists would probably take exception if someone sat on a prized piece of artwork, but not Brett Mock.
Rural EMS
Ambulance services in parts of rural Oklahoma are in critical condition and even though crucial steps have been taken to revive it, the battle to keep ...
Foster Care
Young people coming out of foster care face steep challenges, including higher rates of unemployment, incarceration, and even homelessness, but a new program ...
Food Safety
Ensuring the food we eat is safe is somehting Oklahoma's Department of Agriculture does on a daily basis, and as we continue to import more of our food, that ...
Eagle Release
A one of a kind facility that takes care of injured eagles, gives them hope to fly once again and it's success has taken flight.
2 Million Minutes
It's the time students have in high school to make decisions that will impact their entire lives.
Oklahoma Education
We visit with Sandy Garrett, Oklahoma’s superintendent of public education, about how Oklahoma students stack up in an increasingly competitive world.
China Exchange
Many believe the first step toward being competitive in a global economy is understanding the competition. That’s why an Oklahoma high school teacher regularly ...
Fab Lab
A teen learning program developed at MIT to bring together students from around the world to work on common problems with shared technology.
Thunderbird Youth Academy
The National Guard is charged with homeland security. As part of that, they are trying to intervene in the lives of at-risk youth and give them an opportunity ...
Future of Fuel
As the high price of oil pushes up the price of a host of consumer items including food, the future of fuel also affects Oklahoma.
Wind Power Connection
Wind power’s clean energy has the potential of meeting the country’s needs within 10 years. One big hurdle still exists - moving wind energy from where it ...
Backyard Power
While T. Boone Pickens may be investing $11 billion in wind energy, individuals can also invest...on a much smaller the backyard.
Oil Monument
An Oklahoma lawmaker has a tourism-generating dream of turning the Oklahoma oil boom into an iconic landmark rivaling the Eiffel Tower.
Food vs. Fuel
In countries around the globe, people are rioting about the price of food. It's an economic crisis many blame on biofuels.
A new bio-energy center in Oklahoma hopes to make native prairie grass into gas.
High Plains Biodiesel
Located in the panhandle of Oklahoma, Seaboard Farms is best known as the leading pork producer in the U.S. and now they are cutting the fat and turning it ...
OK Film
Lights, camera, and action. A phrase not usually associated with Oklahoma. Yet, its heard all across the state.
Dead Center Film Festival
As the film industry continues to grow in Oklahoma, there is one event quickly becoming a cult favorite, the Dead Center Film Festival.
June is dairy month in Oklahoma. Approximately, 300 dairy farms provide milk and other dairy products to consumers all around the world.
Hardesty Cheese
What started as a hobby is now a full-time cheese factory.
Goat Cheese
There's a new fad sweeping the state and it's goat cheese. See how one dairy is adding value to their product.
Career Champion
We introduce you to a woman who was down, made a decision to get up, get out, learn a skill, and take control of her life.
Aviation is big business in Oklahoma and it's about to get even bigger.