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Pickens' New Plan
We visit with Boone Pickens about what it will take to solve our nation's energy dilemma.
Pickens on Alternative Fuels
It's evident Boone Pickens believes natural gas is the bridge fuel to our country's energy future. We visit with T. Boone Pickens to find out what other ...
CNG Backgrounder
No part of the energy sector of our economy is more important than natural gas. We take a closer look at the future of an industry that powers our nation.
Oil is not the only energy resource in Oklahoma that runs your car, compressed natural gas or CNG just may be the next big thing powering your car.
Future of Fuel
As the high price of oil pushes up the price of a host of consumer items including food, the future of fuel also affects Oklahoma.
Fuel Impact - Rodeos
Rodeo cowboys are a tough lot, yet some are having to call it quits. Not because of a bucking bronco, but the high cost of fuel.
Friday Night Fuel Costs
High school football is a Friday night tradition in Oklahoma, but thanks to rising fuel costs, school administrators are struggling with how to fund the fuel ...
Pickens Plan
T. Boone Pickens is on the road promoting what he's calling the Pickens Plan.
Carbon Credits
While some landowners are reaping "wind falls" from the wind, a pilot program in Oklahoma is allowing farmers to be paid for farming practices that protect ...
Boom and Bust
As oil prices plunge around the world, many fear Oklahoma could face another boom and bust cycle that has been the bane of our state's energy sector. Leaders ...
Interview with Tom Price - Energy Future
We visit with Chesapeake's senior vice president for corporate development, Tom Price, about the future of Oklahoma's energy industry.
Highly Skilled Oilfield Workers
High Plains Technology Center is providing highly qualified oilfield workers for the next generation of energy production.
Highly Skilled Oilfield Workers
Value Added: High Plains Technology Center is providing highly qualified oilfield workers for the next generation of energy production.
A Gassy Lesson
Value Added: CNG training offered at Tulsa Tech supports a greener infrastructure in Oklahoma.
Safety on the Pipeline
Value Added: Central Tech in Drumright is meeting a critical need with specialized training for pipeline workers.
Busing the Natural Gas Way
Value Added: The United States may have enough natural gas to fuel our country for another century. The challenge is how to get our vehicles running on it.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1327
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we visit some Oklahoma businesses with international roots.
Global Supplier to the Oil and Gas Industry
Casing centralizer manufacturer Centek Inc. in Oklahoma City specializes in delivering innovation, design and engineering expertise to the oil and gas industry.