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Santa Fe Indian Art Market
Every August Indian artist from the four corners of the U.S. head to Santa Fe, New Mexico to participate in the largest art market in the country. We talk to ...
Market Access
Japan has once again opened its trade doors to U.S. beef imports. How will U.S. beef producers regain the foothold they once held in the asian market place.
Dave Kohl Interview - Developing Rural Communities
We visit with Dave Kohl, a noted economist and business strategist, to get his advice on the changing workplace.
Food Desert - No Fresh Foods Here
Rural and urban neighborhoods have seen decline in population, as well as malnutrition and obesity among residents, due to a lack of fresh foods being ...
Cost of Good Nutrition - Fresh is Better
Buying fresh fruits and vegetables may seem expensive, but the long-term health benefits are definitely worth the cost.
Interview with Kim Rebek and Jeff Lowenfels - Plant a Row for the Hungry
It's estimated the demand for hunger assistance could increase by 70% this year. We visit with Kim Rebek, host of Oklahoma Gardening, about how more Americans ...
Future of Farms
A growing number of farmers say the current business model of buying more land and planting more crops is not sustainable. But there's a new group interested ...
Organic Farming
Producing food closer to home and all organically is the business strategy of a farm family whose farm is located in the middle of some million dollar homes. ...
Rural Land Value
While real estate prices have held their own in urban areas, in rural Oklahoma it's even better. Land prices in the country are higher than ever, thanks to the ...