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Help Wanted: Diesel Mechanics

Caddo Kiowa Technology Center provides skills training and certifications to diesel mechanics, helping them land high paying jobs.
Help Wanted: Diesel Mechanics

Help Wanted: Diesel Mechanics

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Show 1647: Help Wanted: Diesel Mechanics
Air Date: November 20, 2016



Rob McClendon: Well, to keep the big rigs on the road it takes mechanics. And it’s a job that pays better than the average starting salary for most college graduates. But it is an industry where a recognized certification helps a lot. That’s why we sent our Courtney Maye to the Caddo Kiowa Tech Center to see what it takes to become a diesel mechanic.

Courtney Maye: It’s an industry where the need for workers is always growing and having an industry-recognized certification is becoming expected for employees. And Oklahoma CareerTech is helping meet that need.

Brian Stewart: I started out in mechanics as a diesel mechanic about two years ago, and I wasn’t really at the top of my field so I thought I might come to Caddo Kiowa Tech Center and take their diesel mechanics program. And I’ve got three certifications from the state of Oklahoma, and now I have four student ASE certifications.

Courtney: Brian Stewart is an adult in the diesel mechanics program at Caddo Kiowa Technology Center. And he says this program saved his career.

Stewart: I know that with the knowledge I’ve gained here, anywhere I go I’ll be able to find a job, and I know that I’ll be confident in my work whenever I do get a job, that I’ll be able to perform as I’m supposed to.

Courtney: And diesel mechanics instructor James Jackson says good technicians are in high demand, and this program even allows high school students to take classes while working in the industry.

James Jackson: Most truck shops are open 24/7. That enables them to go to school and work. They just pick the classes that they really needed that would help that they could add to their resume to help them move up in their job.

Courtney: And one more thing employers look for on a resume is a commercial driver’s license or CDL. And a student can get this training at Caddo Kiowa Technology Center.

Dale Lewis: That CDL, it gives you a step up, another certification that makes you employable. There was a gap there that a, that that mechanic understands the vehicle a whole lot more and, like I said, can also go out and test drive that vehicle to see what’s wrong with it.

Courtney: Students are learning in a hands-on environment while applying what they’re taught to real industry issues. It’s more than just a classroom.

Jackson: I think that’s one thing we do here in a CareerTech. We educate the mind and the hand, not just the mind.

Rob: When we return, riding in style in a Newell Coach.