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The Golden Ticket

Thousands of children and adults have experienced the magic and excitement of the Eastern Flyer Polar Express in Stillwater, Oklahoma.
The Golden Ticket

The Golden Ticket

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Show 1651: The Golden Ticket
Air Date: December 18, 2016



Rob McClendon: Well, more than 400,000 people are expected to hop aboard the Polar Express this holiday season. Fashioned after the book and the movie starring Tom Hanks, the Polar Express departs for the North Pole from 12 destinations around the U.S., including Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Rob McClendon: When the Polar Express arrived in Stillwater, city leaders kind of felt like it was Christmas, even though it was still summer.

Kylie Vincent: You know, we learned about the Polar Express in actually August. And so it was an absolute all hands on deck, which means Visit Stillwater and the city of Stillwater, Stillwater Chamber of Commerce, to pull together really mid-year for this first season.

Rob: Lots of work and lots of anticipation about an attraction with a built-in following thanks to the book and movie.

Movie nats: Fly to the North Pole, of course. This is the Polar Express!

Rob: And while there are no near misses here, there is all the excitement that’s made the Polar Express so beloved.

Male child: We’re headed to the North Pole.

Jessica Kincannon: The Polar Express is a magical ride for children and families to come on. You get to wear your pajamas out and about in the town. And you know you get on board, we have hot chocolate, cookies, we have dancing chefs that will sing to you, and you ride a train to the North Pole where we welcome Santa and his elves on board, and you get the first gift of Christmas, which is a silver sleigh bell.

Rob: An enchanting train ride that takes just about an hour because come to find out, the North pole is just outside of town.

Kincannon: So it is just a really fun memory for families to do together and just have a magical experience.

Rob: And while the children may be getting a sleigh bell from Santa, the city of Stillwater gets its own economic present of about 36,000 visitors in the first two weeks, with over 80 percent of those coming from an hour away.

Vincent: And we really did try to market, not only come aboard the Polar Express, but spend a weekend, go and shop, go see the reindeer, have a visit with Santa, catch a carriage ride, make a weekend of visiting Stillwater.

Rob: Well, Oklahoma’s Polar Express runs through Dec. 23, and we have links to their website under this story at