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Linda Jaco - ABLE Tech Provides Independence

ABLE Tech provides disabled individuals with devices that allow them to be independent.
Linda Jaco - ABLE Tech Provides Independence

Linda Jaco - ABLE Tech Provides Independence

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Show 1543: Linda Jaco - ABLE Tech Provides Independence
Air Date: October 25, 2015



Rob McClendon: Oklahoma ABLE Tech helps those with disabilities acquire assistive technology to help them function more independently. I visited with their director, Linda Jaco, at the ABLE Tech offices and had her show me around.

Rob: So, Linda, this is your assistive technology demonstration room?

Linda Jaco: Right, that’s correct, Rob. Here is where ABLE Tech has a variety of devices to demonstrate and show to people who have different disabilities. For instance, here we have hearing devices for those who are hard of hearing or deaf, which helps them to participate in all settings. That’s the name of the game, to be able to be independent through the use of these devices.

Rob: And you’re also using a lot of technology. I see that right here.

Jaco: Clearly, clearly, here are environmental adaptations. For instance by hitting this blue switch, someone who wouldn’t otherwise be able to turn on the lights in their home or office can now have the lights on, very simply. Here we have all kinds of communication devices for those who can’t speak independently, this allows them to have a voice.

Rob: Hmm. So how does that work?

Jaco: Well, there are a variety of different ones, some that are very low tech for young children. These, this particular one is showing pictures so the child would hit it in order to communicate what their needs are. Perhaps they’re hungry, perhaps they want something.

Rob: How does someone access this?

Jaco: Very easily. We have two toll free numbers that you can contact us. We have a website. You can even fill out forms very easily on the website to borrow. We have our entire inventory of over 2,500 devices available on the website for folks to just indicate and fill out a form and fax it in or send it in through the website or call on the phone and say, “Hey, I saw on your website that you have, you know, X-Y-Z devices. I’d like to borrow these.” We box them up the same day, ship them and then include a postage-paid label so that the individual after trying it out for six weeks can ship it back to us for free. We simply are here to demonstrate and provide knowledge so that other individuals can make an informed choice before they purchase. The whole goal being here, that by providing enhanced knowledge about these devices, an individual has increased access and the ability to acquire these devices, and they are doing so through an informed choice of having tried it out, taken it home, taken it to school, taken it to their place of employment, and they now know that this is the device that’s going to appropriately work for them.

Rob: All right. Linda, thank you so much for visiting with us.

Jaco: You bet!

Rob: Now, if you’d like to see my full conversation with Linda, we do have that streaming on our website at