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Teaching by Design

A teacher remembers every student he ever taught with their pictures displayed in his classroom.
Teaching by Design

Teaching by Design

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Show 1542: Teaching by Design
Air Date: October 18, 2015



Rob McClendon: Well, not only do teachers influence students’ lives, but students also impact the lives of their teachers as well – a relationship that is well documented on an instructor’s wall at Central Tech in Drumright. J.D. Rosman has our story.

J.D. Rosman: Design and print – for 37 years, Danny Hoggatt has been helping students shape and create their future.

Danny Hoggatt: I told a friend one time that being an educator is kind of like being a pastor of a church, in a lot of ways, you know. You’ve got to put the meat on the table every day to make a point where they want to come back every day. And at the same time hold their interest, you know, but yet have a good time while you are doing that, you know.

J.D.: Something Danny’s digital printing and imaging communication program seems to do.

Hoggatt: We do silk screen printing, have several graduates that work at Eskimo Joes in Stillwater. And we do vinyl graphics now, which is a lot of fun.

J.D.: Yet the story on being here with a wall filled with memories.

Hoggatt: Yeah, this started the first year I went to work here, and I put every one of these that you see in here up myself. Kids are always asking, “Why don’t you let us put some of your pictures up?” I say, “No, no, no.” You know, it takes me about an hour to do one panel, but it’s a pretty important deal.

J.D.: Over 2,000 pictures, of each and every student he ever taught – like Debbie Gregor who now teaches with him.

Debbie Gregor: Well, when you go in there and you look at it, it’s unbelievable how many lives that he’s touched. Unreal. And you know it didn’t matter if you were a jock in high school or vo-ag. It didn’t matter. Your picture was just the same as everyone else’s right up there on the wall.

J.D.: A wall of the past, with memories that bring old friends together.

Hoggatt: Graduates come back regularly. In fact, last year I had young man come back, I hadn’t seen him in about 18 years, walked in and had his son with him, he was about 8 or 9 years old, and immediately after he hugged me, and we talked for a minute he came directly in here, and he says, “Is my picture is still in your office?” And I said, “Yep!” So it’s, uh, you know, this is usually the first place they come, you know, when they come back because they want to make sure their picture is here.

Gregor: He cares. He’s very compassionate. He truly wants to help people, you know, be successful. And he loves what he does.

J.D.: He’s touched the hearts of thousands, yet they touched his even more.

Hoggatt: They’re my kids. You don’t, uh, you don’t spend two years with a student and not care about ’em, you know. So this is why I do it, you know.

J.D.: Pictures on a wall, for Danny, serve as a reminder of why he does what he does.