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Honoring Educators

CareerTech Hall of Fame inducts five longtime educators who have spent their careers helping students.
Honoring Educators

Honoring Educators

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Show 1542: Honoring Educators
Air Date: October 18, 2015



Rob McClendon: Well, some longtime educators are to be inducted into the CareerTech Hall of Fame this week. Phil Berkenbile, Dean Denton, Dale DeWitt, Bea Paul and Greg Pierce all spent their careers helping students.

Rob McClendon: Phil Berkenbile is the former director of the Oklahoma CareerTech System and a long-time ag educator where he taught Brian Campbell.

Brian Campbell: I think I took away how important it was to, to impact a young person’s life and not get so hung up on the actual contest and the outcome of that contest – more about the outcome of that student’s life.

Rob: Retired business and information technology instructor Dean Denton is a nationally board certified instructor and impacted all he trained.

Christy Whitfield: He never said you can’t do this, but he would push you to that next level, and I think that that’s what we want to do in CareerTech is continue progressing and moving to the next level.

Rob: Dale DeWitt served in the House of Representatives after retiring as a high school ag educator.

Mindi Clark: Mr. DeWitt always found a way to help us become successful by teaching us the work ethic it needed, that was needed in order to be successful.

Rob: Bea Paul taught students at Autry Technology Center and Chisholm High School in Enid.

Cheryl Cooksey: She had that gift, that gift that many of us wished that we had – the ability to look at a student and see that untapped potential. Potential and gifts that they didn’t even know they had.

Rob: And Greg Pierce is the former superintendent at Pontotoc Technology Center in Ada.

Luther Harbert: Greg wasn’t one to blow a lot of smoke. He was even-keeled. He was a solid, concrete individual who was the same day in and day out.

Rob: Induction into the Hall of Fame is the highest honor bestowed by the Oklahoma CareerTech system.