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Roy Clark Music School

Students receive lessons from some of the industry’s best at the Roy Clark Music School at Northeast Technology Center in Claremore, Okla.
Roy Clark Music School

Roy Clark Music School

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Show 1541: Roy Clark Music School
Air Date: October 11, 2015



Rob McClendon: Well, if you’d like to learn from some of country music’s best, the Roy Clark Music School at Northeast Technology Center in Claremore is offering adult education classes that run the gamut of the music business. As J.D. Rosman shows us, it is an educational experience that looks to be a whole lot of fun.

[Jana Jae playing the fiddle.]

J.D. Rosman: Whether it’s a hobby or a future career, fiddlin’ with Jana Jae can’t be beat. Past “Hee Haw” TV star and world-class fiddler, now wanting to give back to her fans that gave her so much.

Jana Jae: Fiddling is a tradition that’s handed down from generation to generation, from person to person.

J.D.: A family love passed down to her.

Jae: We lived with grandmother and granddaddy for a while, and every night we would jam and play those old time fiddle tunes.

J.D.: And student Charlene Smith jumped at the chance to fiddle with the best.

Charlene Smith: She’s committed to continuing and fostering our American musical heritage, and she’s just interested in helping any fiddler be the best they can be.

J.D.: And the school that started it all. Instructor Ray Bingham.

Ray Bingham: Roy Clark is an icon obviously. There’s no, no comparison – never been a better entertainer in the world.

J.D.: Tucked away in Claremore, Oklahoma, you’ll find the Roy Clark School of Music, offering a variety of courses ranging from piano and fiddle to music management and business, a school infusing passion in its teachers.

Bingham: It has made all of us instructors really want to do well. And we don’t want anyone to come up here and leave disappointed, so we really do our very best.

J.D.: And teachers like Daniel McBride take music beyond the basics.

Daniel McBride: Music is feeling. That’s what it is. It makes you happy. It makes you sad. It can make you angry.

J.D.: A design that is unique to each musician.

Jae: So you can have music, sheet music, there’s lots of music out there now, but you’ve got to have kind of a style to go with it. Because you can’t play “Boiling Cabbage’ like Mozart, you know. It just doesn’t work.

J.D.: Playing with attitude, not wanting to stop.

Jae: Nobody wants to go home. We all want to stay.

J.D.: Passing musical talent and skills down from one generation to the next, all while fiddlin’ the night away.

Rob: Now, if you’d like to see all of their adult education musical offerings, we have a link to their website, just head to and look for it under this story.