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One Snip at a Time

A CareerTech cosmetology graduate snips her way through college tuition.
One Snip at a Time

One Snip at a Time

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Show 1520: One Snip at a Time
Air Date: May 17, 2015



Rob McClendon: Well, it’s no secret the cost of college has skyrocketed in recent years. And while an odd job here or there certainly can help students with the bills, there’s a big difference between working minimum wage and having a skills-based career. Our Andy Barth introduces us to a recent graduate who’s trimming up her tuition bill with some skills she learned while still in high school.

Andy Barth: With a piece of tin foil and some dye, stylist Allie Dorr is transforming hair.

Allie Dorr: We are doing highlights. So she has some blonde down here and some out-growth, and we’re just touching that up.

Mindy Andres: Lots of out-growth [laughing].

Andy: Dorr got her start in high school at Francis Tuttle Technology Center, an opportunity she says put her ahead.

Dorr: Francis Tuttle was there talking about the options, and you can do this as a junior through high school and be graduated with a skill.

Andy: A skill that Dorr says helped her work her way through college – earning a degree in business marketing and entrepreneurship.

Dorr: My dad owns his own business. So I decided that I would eventually open up a salon and to have a degree as a backup plan just in case.

Andy: And for Dorr, the training at Francis Tuttle was key in her success.

Dorr: It was a lot more hands-on. It was, there was some in-classroom work, but we were able to have real clients – paying clients that got to come in, and we could work on them. We were also allowed to work on our friends in class. So that was, it was more of a trial and error versus just definition like high school.

Andy: And for client Mindy Andres, she came all the way from Kansas to get her hair done.

Mindy Andres: Allie did my hair while I was in school down here probably three years ago. And so it’s been a year and a half since she last did my hair. And so coming through Oklahoma, I could not miss the opportunity to do this. I mean, I called two weeks out to make sure I got an appointment today.

Andy: And in Dorr’s experience, it’s the soft skills that matter most to clients.

Dorr: Most of why people come back to you is personality versus the skills that you do, because, I mean, essentially there’s other good hairstylists, you know. So people come back to you for you, so to just kind of learn how to interact with people.

Andy: And Andres says Dorr is more than just a stylist.

Andres: Allie, she’s just so comfortable to talk to. It actually surprised me to find out that she’s actually younger than I am. And so, but I relate to her very well so, it was an easy choice to stick with her.

Andy: And for Dorr, achieving her goal is like doing hair – one piece at a time.

Dorr: My dad always told me that you know you take small steps toward your big plan. And so that was just, that’s just what I’m doing, and I’m finally almost there.