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SuperGreen Solutions is a world leader in energy-efficient solutions.
SuperGreen Solutions

SuperGreen Solutions

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Show 1512: SuperGreen Solutions
Air Date: March 22, 2015



Rob McClendon: Well, the transition from military personnel to civilian life can be difficult. Veterans often have trouble matching the skills they acquired in the service to civilian jobs back at home, but thanks to a program called Oklahoma Military Connection, veterans now have a place to find a career out of uniform. Amy Ewing-Holmstrom is with Oklahoma CareerTech.

Amy Ewing-Holmstrom: The Oklahoma Military Connection numerous times throughout the year will hold hiring events specifically for military. And coming up April 2, we’ll be doing that same thing in the McAlester area at the Reserve Center there. We’ll have about 50 employers throughout the state that want to talk to them about possible employment. Our Oklahoma employers are very happy because they want the veterans to come to work for them.

Rob: Now, if you’d like to learn how to become involved in this event, just head to our website at where we have a link under this story.

Rob McClendon: Well, while some veterans may meet their future employer at the military connection job fairs, not every person returning home from active duty wants to go to work for someone else. Joining me now is our Andy Barth.

Andy Barth: Well, Rob, after serving our nation as a Navy man, one Oklahoman continued serving those around him when he went to work for himself, making where we live a little greener.

Andy Barth: After wearing Navy blue, Andrew Mason is going green.

Andrew Mason: We are energy-efficient products. We do solar panels, wind power, LED lights, tankless water heaters, hybrid water heaters, solar tubes and many, many more.

Andy: And with the motto “reduce before we produce,” Mason opened Supergreen Solutions, Oklahoma’s first green franchise.

Mason: So we want to come in, we want to look at where your money is going. If you’re wasting it on lights, then we want to replace your lights. If you have gaps under your door, and your heat is just going out under the door, well, we need to fix that first. And doing those things will save you, will bring your $800 electric bill down to 300.

Andy: And after 20 years in the Navy, Mason launched his civilian career.

Mason: I learned so much in the Navy, and it was a very interesting career. And when I was done with the Navy, I knew I wanted to get into being my own boss and having a business.

Andy: Where he reports to his customers.

Mason: Either you like helping people or you don’t.

Andy: And Mason does. By helping people lower their energy bills, he believes his business prospects will brighten.

Mason: Electricity is only going to go up. Unless some other factor changes that nobody else is talking about, you’re going to pay more for your electricity. And one of the answers is you either have to use less, or you’re going to have to start producing your own.


Andy Barth: Well, now, Mason was born with the military in his blood. With a father in the service, Mason lived overseas and grew up with a love for the armed forces. His father also worked for the U.S. Department of State and lived in multiple embassies around the globe.

Rob McClendon: All right. Well, thank you so much, Andy.

Andy: You’re welcome, Rob.