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Second-Chance Career

A CareerTech student turns his life around for his family.
Second-Chance Career

Second-Chance Career

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Show 1505: Second-Chance Career
Air Date: February 1, 2015



Rob McClendon: Well, providing for family is something most of us aspire to, yet doing so can be a challenge in today’s economy. Here is our Courtney Maye.

Courtney Maye: Well, after the latest recession, many people were found without a job. While some were forced to take lower paying positions, others went back to school to learn a trade. We met with one Bartlesville man who saw Tri County Technology Center as a second chance at a career.

Courtney: It’s a typical auto body shop. But for one employee, it’s where he always wanted to be.

Brook Barnes: I’ve always just liked tearing stuff apart, fixing things and making things work that didn’t.

Courtney: Brook Barnes is like most students needing a job and credits Tri County Technology Center for giving him a new twist on life.

Barnes: I always thought that I couldn’t do it. And then once I finally decided to apply myself, it was easier than I thought. So I thought I would try it out, and they had an auto service program so I was ready.

Courtney: And for shop owner Ron Truitt, he too knows the benefits of Tri County Tech’s auto mechanic program.

Ron Truitt: When I was in high school, my junior year, I signed up, and I went out there for my two years of Tri County Tech in the auto mechanics class, which I’ve grown up in this field anyway when I was a kid. My dad owned the business and started it back in ’57 so I knew how to do quite a bit of stuff. So I took my junior year and passed it and then my senior year. The teachers were really good.

Courtney: And Truitt says Barnes has learned a lot in the business.

Truitt: He’s really come a long ways. He’s learning. He’s told me he’s learned a lot in the last couple months he’s been here on all the different things he didn’t know how to do.

Courtney: And with this new knowledge, Barnes doesn’t plan on going anywhere.

Barnes: I’m hoping to stay here as long as I can. They’re good people, a good place to work. It’s a local business, family oriented. And you know the boss is great, so.

Courtney: And as for his future.

Barnes: Keep working. Just working. That’s it. Better my situation, better my family’s situation.

Courtney: Fixing mechanical problems all while turning his life around.

Courtney: Now, we recently caught up with Barnes and learned that he graduated from the program and is working in Bartlesville as an automotive mechanic.