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A Gift Out of Tragedy

A recently widowed man gives his deceased wife’s car to a student in need.
A Gift Out of Tragedy

A Gift Out of Tragedy

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Show 1505: A Gift Out of Tragedy
Air Date: February 1, 2015



Matt Campbell: What I hope that she remembers is how caring and giving her, you know, Jessica was.

Rob McClendon: For some of us Valentine’s Day seems just a bit trite – sappy sentiments that often feel forced. So when we learned the story of Matt Campbell and his late wife Jessica, their gift of love was one we needed to share. Here is our Andy Barth.

Andy Barth: It’s shiny, it’s red, and it’s free.

Matt Campbell: Metro Tech’s done a lot of good for me, and so I’m paying it forward and trying to help another student out.

Andy: Matt Campbell is an executive officer for Metro Tech, a place that holds a lot of memories.

Campbell: I was a student at Metro Tech, back in 2002. I had been laid off from my job. Part of my story is that I was married then. My wife was terminally ill so we were on a very limited income.

Andy: Campbell’s wife passed in 2008. And in 2011, he married his second wife, Jessica. Then tragedy struck once again in 2013. Campbell, his new wife and their granddaughter, of whom they are legal guardians, were in an auto accident. Jessica was killed instantly. And so Campbell began raising his granddaughter, Sophia, and decided to get rid of Jessica’s car. Yet instead of selling it --

Announcement: The recipient of the car is, her name is Samiyah Dungee.

Andy: -- he gave it away to a student who needed it.

Samiyah Dungee: I feel so ecstatic. I feel like all my problems for my car are gone.

Andy: Samiyah Dungee’s old car went through Hurricane Katrina, making it very dangerous to drive, which is a problem for this busy student.

Dungee: I go to college, I go to OCCC for diversified studies. And then I come here for nail technology. And I also work at Edee’s Discounts.

Andy: And Dungee isn’t the only one excited about her new wheels.

Samiyah: Do you remember that contest I told you about winning the car?

Grandma: Yes.

Samiyah: I won the car.

Grandma: Shut your mouth!


Andy: And while it’s a happy day for Samiyah, it’s bittersweet for Campbell. Yet he hopes this lesson will impact his granddaughter.

Campbell: What I hope that she remembers is how caring and giving, her, you know Jessica was. She called her Mommy; she stills calls her Mommy. And so that’s what I’m hoping that she gets out of it.

Andy: And for Dungee, she couldn’t be more appreciative.

Dungee: Honestly, it’s a blessing because not every day does someone just get something like this.

Andy: Paying it forward, even through life’s toughest tragedies.

Rob: And it is that gift of love that makes the Campbell family and the Metro Tech Foundation this week’s Oklahoma Standard.