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Katie Plohocky - Tackling Food Security Issues

The Oklahoma Food Security Summit brings partners together to build healthier communities.
Katie Plohocky - Tackling Food Security Issues

Katie Plohocky - Tackling Food Security Issues

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Show 1535: Katie Plohocky - Tackling Food Security Issues
Air Date: August 30, 2015



Rob McClendon: Well, Katie Plohocky is the founder and executive director of R&G Family Grocers and works extensively on food security issues and joins me now here in the studio. Now, before we begin, update us on the food truck.

Katie Plohocky: R&G Family Grocers is doing very well. Actually, we currently have 14 location stops within the city of Tulsa, six days a week. We have a waiting list about an arms-length long, so we’ve just purchased a second trailer. We just need to build it out.

Rob: Now, from doing the story with you on the food truck, I know that you serve a lot of seniors. Is that a vulnerable population?

Plohocky: Yes, it is. Our senior population is growing at a tremendous rate as our baby boomers get older. Some of the folks that we see, they can’t go to the grocery store so they depend on others to bring them groceries. If they don’t have any family, that makes it even more difficult. Sometimes we have to actually take the food to them in their apartment. They’ll call us and give us an order. You know, our grocery store’s a Band-Aid. It’s not gonna solve the problem. To solve the problem, you need people living in the communities starting small grocery stores again. And they need to be selling produce, and they need to know their neighbors, and they need to create jobs and wealth back into those communities. That’s the real long-term change that needs to take place. So in the interim, you know, how do we, how do we do that using community gardens? We can grow it and give it to our neighbors. We can give it to those food pantries that help get it to those who need it. We can help folks in our own neighborhood grow if they don’t know how and you know how. You know, hold a class and say this is how you take care of a tomato. There’s a lot that can be done but it takes all of us working together in order to meet that need.

Rob: And I’m assuming all these things will covered in the upcoming Food Security Summit this fall?

Plohocky: Yes it will – Oct. 30 at Tulsa Community College northeast campus. We’ll be looking at everything from planting a seed to recycling their produce at the very end.

Rob: All right, Katie. I certainly appreciate you coming by. Hope the Food Security Summit goes great. And it is on Oct. 30 in Tulsa, and we do have a link to that on our website.