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Metro Tech - Digital Media Training

Digital media classes at Oklahoma technology centers teach students the craft of filmmaking.
Metro Tech - Digital Media Training

Metro Tech - Digital Media Training

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Show 1404: Metro Tech - Digital Media Training
Air Date: January 26, 2014



Rob McClendon: Well, several tech centers offer digital media training, and we had one of those classes at Metro Tech give us a glimpse into what they are learning.

Daniella Dominguez: The Metro Technology Center’s digital video specialist program focuses on the students who have an interest in film, digital video or the multimedia film. The course lends itself to individual projects, group projects and commercial and community projects. Students are introduced to the Apple ecosystem of programs, as well as the full suite of Adobe products. Metro Tech’s digital video specialist program possesses the latest advancements of technology such as the use of a drone to mount a Steadicam for incredible one-of-a-kind aerial cinematography. The program inspires students to get involved in community production projects that lends itself for networking and job placement opportunities. And I am one of those students, Daniella Dominguez. I’m currently enrolled in the digital video specialist program at Metro Technology Center. I am in 11th grade, and I photographed this project.

Rob: Now to see more on what these students produce, we have a link under our value added section we call “A Day in the Life,” plus a link to one of their recently completed projects.