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Final Thoughts

Rob McClendon shares his views on today's show.
Final Thoughts

Rob McClendon

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Show 1212: Final Thoughts

Air date: March 18, 2012



Rob McClendon:  Well many in Washington believe that as our country restructures its economy coming out of the recession, we need to focus on green energy and not just for the jobs.

As we all know, our dependence on foreign oil is a security risk.  Two-thirds of what we pump into our cars and trucks comes from places that just don’t like us very well.

And the race for energy security is one we’re not running alone.  India and china are both investing billions into renewable energy sources; yet, we do have a huge head start.

The US sits atop massive reservoirs of natural gas.  In fact, we have more energy under the Continental US than all the oil in Saudi Arabia.

I’m reminded of what Cornell Professor, Larry Walker, told me earlier in the show, that it’s always good to have options; especially when it comes to our energy future.

I’m Rob McClendon.  Thanks for watching.  See you next time.