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Made in Oklahoma - The Local Table

In this week's Made in Oklahoma moment, we travel to Tulsa to enjoy some one of a kind, down-home cooking.
Made in Oklahoma - The Local Table

A meal at The Local Table

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Show 1211: Made in Oklahoma - The Local Table

Air date: March 11, 2012



Rob McClendon:  In this week’s Made in Oklahoma moment, Andy Barth takes us to Tulsa to enjoy some one-of-a-kind, down-home cooking.

Andy Barth:  From the broiler to the rotisserie, The Local Table restaurant is serving up lunch and dinner with a variety of local recipes.

Tuck Curren:  Ingredients is all the key to cooking.

Andy:  Tuck Curren is the owner of The Local Table and decided to go along with a thriving trend.

Tuck:  We started about three and a half years ago with the idea of using some local produce and products.  I thought the time was right, that it was a big trend in the United States, and I figured we would try to do it here in Tulsa, and it’s worked really well.

Andy:  And the menu offers up a diverse selection.

Tuck:  The menu is served all day long; so, you can eat anyway you would like.  If you want Halibut, a really fancy dinner, you can have that or if you want a sandwich or an entrée kind of salad.  So, can have that as an entrée or at lunch or at night; so, you can eat any sort of way you want.

Andy:  And Curren says locally grown is important.  And if he can’t find it, Curren says where there is a will, there is a way.

Tuck:  If we can’t get it local, we usually make it.  We make our own mozzarella; we make our own pastrami and corned beef and bread and things like that.

Andy:  Curren says he feeds about 1,000 people in a week and doesn’t expect this fad to die out anytime soon.

Tuck:  As you can see nationwide, I mean, this is a big trend and it’s not going away.

Andy:  So if you ever find yourself hungry in Tulsa, The Local Table is ready to serve up some Made in Oklahoma food.