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iPad Classroom

School textbooks may someday be as antiquated as the old blue ink mimeograph machines. Thanks to new computer tablets, classroom curriculum is becoming much more interactive.
iPad Classroom

Interactive brain model on an iPad

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Show 1211: iPad Classroom

Air date: March 11, 2012



Rob McClendon:  School textbooks may someday be as antiquated as the old blue ink mimeograph machines.  Thanks to new computer tablets, class curriculum is becoming much more interactive.  Our Alisa Hines continues our look at how technology is changing the rural classroom by taking us to Green Country Technology Center in Oklmulgee.

Alright, here we go, make sure you count out loud.  Okay?

[music: the song, Staying Alive]

Alright, let’s go.  Here we go.  Count.

Alisa:  It’s a tune you may recognize.

[sound of compressions on dummies, counting and singing with Staying Alive song]

Alisa:  One that’s teaching health students at Green Country Tech Center, about the body.

[counting and teacher giving instructions]

Alisa:  And for Taylor Richel, a familiar tune really works.

Taylor Richel:  Especially when they have a really catchy tone to the song or the video.  It’s a lot easier to remember when you’re actually seeing it and hearing it.

Alisa:  Tephanie Neill is the Health Instructor at Green Country and uses iPads to teach her class.

Tephanie Neill:  And the Apple with the apps, they have just thousands of medical apps available for free for our students which gives them a lot of information for that.

Alisa:  And Tephanie says using iPads in the classroom is the way of the future.

Tephanie:  In 2014 hospitals are requiring our students, or any nurse any medical professional, to use computers in the hospital setting.  So we’re just preparing our students for the industry and what they’re going to require.

Alisa:  Including 3-D capability.

Tephanie:  For instance, our 3-D brain.  They can hold a brain in their hand, they can manipulate that brain in any which fashion they’d like, and it gives them information as they do that.

Alisa:  While it may seem costly at first, when you consider the cost of replacing outdated textbooks.

Tephanie:  We might be just a little bit higher with an iPad compared to textbooks; but, I think the resources are much more.

Alisa:  And saves trees.  Now according to student, Aulden Chowins, the iPads are very convenient.

Aulden Chowins:  We learn a lot of skills.  We can actually do any assignments on them.  They’re hooked up to the internet so our teacher can put all our work on there and if there’s ever a day that we miss, we can just get on the Internet, find out our assignment, and we’re not behind when we come back.

Tephanie:  There is not a place in our classroom that we cannot use the iPad.  And it’s not just the classroom, the clinical skills lab; we’re using it in the industry when we’re out doing our clinicals.  We’re in a hospital room, we can open our iPad.  We can show patients, we’re teaching patients with it.  We’re teaching our students with it.

Alisa:  A new approach to teaching with a world of possibilities.

Rob:  Now the success of using iPads has spurred Green Country Superintendent, Danne Spurlock, to start buying iPads for the entire school.

Danne Spurlock:  I thought they could replace the computers, and they’re going to be a money saver because all the books are going to be on the iPads now.  We’re not going to have to buy books.  We’re going to be saving anywhere from 25% to 10% on books that will be downloaded on there instead of them carrying around big books all the time.  Everything will be on their iPads.

Rob:  And with the addition of iPads into their curriculum the superintendent discovered a surprising benefit, iPad classes are filling up.

Spurlock:  One of the important things that we hadn’t thought about is the popularity of the programs now that students know that they’re going to have iPads instead of books.  You know, they’re young kids and that technology is their thing.  And so, they’re really enthused about it.