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Made in Oklahoma - Natural Water Company

We kick-off made in Oklahoma month with a trip to natural water company in Norman, Oklahoma.
Made in Oklahoma - Natural Water Company

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Show 1210: Made in Oklahoma - Natural Water Company

Air date: March 4, 2012



Rob McClendon:  Well April is Made in Oklahoma month, a time when the group of Oklahoma companies who make up the MIO Coalition have a special push to promote home-grown products.  In today’s Made in Oklahoma moment, we head to Norman to visit the Natural Water Company.

[sound of water cooler blurping]

Alisa Hines:  It’s wet...

It’s cool…

You can’t live without it…

Water; and, for those on the go, bottled water.  Jerry Dyer is with the Natural Water Company in Norman, Oklahoma.

Jerry Dyer:  Well the company was again founded primarily for, as a private label bottler.  We buy our bottles already formed, but we do all the filling, the processing, the labeling, and the packaging here at the plant.

Alisa:  And as the name says, it’s all natural.

Jerry:  We don’t use municipal water to do ours.  Like I said, the well is here at the site of the plant; so we draw it from the aquifer right into our tanks and bottles.

Alisa:  Founded in 1989, the company actually sits on the site of an old Artesian well; one Jerry says local residents like for its taste.

Jerry:  Artesian water is basically the type of well that the water comes from.  An Artesian well has two layers of rock that surround the underground aquifer.  So the definition of Artesian is if you drill a hole through the rock that the water will surface on its own because it’s under pressure of two layers of rock.

Alisa:  A Made in Oklahoma product that makes the Natural Water Company part of the Made in Oklahoma Coalition.

Jerry:  I joined about three years ago.  The group there is fantastic in just helping companies like ours that maybe haven’t been in a retail, or a food service, type business before.  And they’ve opened up doors; given me contacts, who to talk to.

Alisa:  Producing approximately 23,000 gallons a month, Jerry says they also give back to the community.

Jerry:  We do case water, you know, 12-ounce to 24-ounce, as well as, 5-gallon bottles.  We recently teamed up with the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank for their Food for Kids Program, so that we donate money back for every 5-gallon bottle of water sold.

Alisa:  Oklahoma water.  Oklahoma company.