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Made in Oklahoma - Schwab Meat Company

In this week's Made in Oklahoma moment, we visit an Oklahoma City food producer that we've all enjoyed without even knowing it.
Made in Oklahoma - Schwab Meat Company

Schwab Meat

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Show 1201: Made in Oklahoma - Schwab Meat Company

Air date: January 30, 2011



Rob McClendon:  Well in this week’s Made in Oklahoma moment, our Alisa Hines takes us to an Oklahoma City food producer that we’ve all enjoyed without even knowing.

Alisa Hines:  Well Rob, if you’ve had a hot dog at a Thunder game or a turkey leg at the State Fair, you’ve enjoyed Schwab’s Meats; a longtime Oklahoma City business that prides itself on putting taste before profit.  According to Larry Schwab, they’ve been smoking meat the old fashioned way for almost 100 years.

Larry Schwab:  We do things the same way that really my great grandfather did back in 1912 whenever he started the company.  We still take our hams, we bone ‘em by hand, they’re not done on machine; you’ll never find any bone chips in there.  Where it takes us two and a half hours to cook a hot dog for the consumer out there, which you guys are the consumers, it takes other companies, I’m not knocking other companies they just have a different way of doing it, it takes them 15 minutes to cook that same product  It takes me two and a half hours because I real hickory smoke all this product and we slow cook everything just like you would at home when you cook a roast; you don’t want to cook it in 45 minutes, you want it to, you want it to cook all day long.  We do the same thing with our products.

Alisa:  A long process, but all done with one thing in mind.

Larry:  Just the taste, the taste of the product; that, that’s the only thing that’s really kept us, we don’t do a lot of advertising.  We don’t, we don’t uh, we put our money towards making product better and bettering our product and trying to be competitive out in the marketplace.

Alisa:  Products like…

Larry:  We produce mainly sausage items.  Just about everything we make is what we call RTE, ready to eat.  It’s uh, most of its fully cooked, hickory smoked, from hams, hot links, jalapeno cheddar smoked sausages, little smokies, hot dogs; we really pretty much produce about everything in cooked product that you can think of.

Alisa:  Which adds up.  A Made in Oklahoma company, Schwab’s produces approximately 8 to 10 million pounds of meat annually.

Larry:  We use as much in-state product as we possibly can.  We do bring some in out of Iowa.  Some of my hogs are grown in Iowa, but the finished product all comes out of this plant here.

Alisa:  Giving Schwab’s customers a Made in Oklahoma quality assurance.

Larry:  Absolutely, and we, we know how they’re raised.  We make sure that even our, even up in Souix City, Iowa, we’re with a very small company up there and we know, we have, we tell ‘em what to feed the hogs.  They’re not slop fed hogs, these are actually corn-fed hogs.  And that makes for a much better, meatier ham than what you’re gonna get, with less fat, better for you.  But we strive to do as much as we can in that area to keep it healthy.

Alisa:  And, Schwab’s Meats is the official hot dog for the Oklahoma Sooners and the minor league Redhawks.

Rob:  And they are also a member of the Made in Oklahoma Coalition.

Alisa:  Yes they are; they have been for about 5 years, and they’re 1 of over 30 companies that make up the coalition of food product companies.

Rob:  Alright, thanks so much Alisa.