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Social Media Revolution

We take a look at a fundamental shift in the way we communicate, and the impact it has on everything from how we do business to our personal lives and we’ll explain how social media is helping fuel revolutions.
Social Media Revolution

The Social Network

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Show 1112: Social Media Revolution

Air date: March 20, 2011



Courtenay DeHoff:  Hello everyone, I’m Courtenay DeHoff, Rob McClendon is away on assignment.  Recent riots over unemployment, rampant corruption among officials, and extreme food prices in the Middle East and Northern Africa have led to what some are calling the Twitter and Facebook revolution.  With 5 million new Facebook users in Egypt, 32,000 new Egyptian groups, and 14,000 new pages, social media site Facebook gave a voice to everyday people and was key in organizing riots and getting protesters out into the streets.

Male Voice 1:  I went to my friend for the money because that’s who I wanted to be partners with.  Edwardo was the President of the Harvard Investors Association and he was also my best friend.

Male Voice 2:  Your best friend is suing you for 600 million dollars.

Courtenay DeHoff:  It’s a revolution movies are made of.

Mr. Severin, what happened after the initial launch?

It exploded!  Everyone on campus was using it.  “Facebook me,” was a common expression after two weeks…yeah.

And uh, Mark?

And Mark was the biggest thing on the campus that included 19 Noble Lariats, 15 Pulitzer Prize winners, 2 future Olympians, and a movie star.

Courtenay:  In less than seven years Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg has wired together one-tenth of humanity.  Creating new social networks never known before; but Facebook and other social media are affecting far more than just people’s social lives.

[sounds – riotous crowd]

Social media is believed to have lit a crucial spark in riots in the Middle East that continue to fuel deadly violence.  With tweets and Facebook posts coming in by the second, riots unfolded quickly, and deadly.

[sounds – riotous crowd]

Even forcing the Egyptian government to pull the plug on all forms of communication in January, creating a complete communication blackout.

Female Voice:  Because the government doesn’t protect us and shot us with bullets.

Courtenay:  While high food prices and government corruption are to blame for recent riots; it’s safe to say that social media was a definite agent for change in the revolution.

If you guys were the inventors of Facebook…you have invented Facebook!