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Made in Oklahoma - Cheevers Cafe

In this week's Made in Oklahoma moment, we visit a restaurant that puts a new twist on some traditional dinner favorites.
Made in Oklahoma - Cheevers Cafe

Cheevers Cafe manager

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Show 1102: Made in Oklahoma - Cheevers Cafe

Air date: January 9, 2011



Rob McClendon:  Well in this week’s Made in Oklahoma moment, we visit a restaurant that puts a new twist on some traditional dinner favorites.  Andy Barth takes us to Cheevers in Oklahoma City.

Andy Barth:  With steak frying and groovy music playing in the background, Cheevers’ Restaurant is a place of great food with quite a past.  And managing this historic restaurant is Robert Black.

Robert Black:  Keith and Heather Paul are the original owners. They bought this building about ten years ago. They started Cheevers’ in its current form as a restaurant. But before that it was a flower shop for years and years. In fact since 1938 when the Cheevers’ family started their flower shop business here it’s always been a flower shop in the front, and in the back was actually their living quarters in this Victorian style building; and so, a lot of history behind the building. People have always known this as a neighborhood place whether it was a flower shop or a restaurant.

Andy:  And this neighborhood place attracts a lot of familiar faces.

Robert Black:  Most of our guests our regulars; and they come three, four, five times a week. It’s just got that great neighborhood feel. Everything about it’s got character. It’s got a lot of local art that we support with the arts district area and the food style is comforting. That’s the whole stick behind the food too.

Andy:  But that comfort food comes to your table with a little Cheevers’ signature.

Robert Black:  The food style is unique. We call it contemporary comfort food. And I like to think that we draw upon different components of the South. In comfort style food, you know, the number one thing that people talk about when they come to eat at Cheevers’ is chicken fried steak. What’s more comfort food than chicken fried steak? But, you know, the southern twist to it here is that we put jalapeno gravy on so it’s got a little bit of a kick. But it’s all about quality.

Andy:  And that very quality was enough for customer, Bob Thomas, to make Cheevers’ a part of his life.

Bob Thomas:  I like it a lot. So much I proposed to my wife here, we had our wedding reception here, and I’m now picking up food to take home to my wife now that we’ve moved into Dallas.

Andy:  Cheevers’ isn’t only known for its spin on home-style cooking. They are big supporters of locally grown and produced products.

Robert Black:  The Made in Oklahoma Coalition is a group of companies that have banded together to help support local Oklahoma producers. And as a restaurant we support many of those companies; some of which, probably the biggest one is Premium Natural Beef. We’ve switched all the beef here at Cheevers’ over to Premium Natural Beef; so if you come in and you have a steak or if you have a salad with meat on it, or if you have the chicken fried steak or a hamburger, you’re eating beef that was locally grown, so. It’s rewarding and it’s nice to know that we can say all of our beef is locally grown.

Andy:  No matter who you are or where you’re from, Cheevers’ really offers it up home-style, and homegrown.