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Made in Oklahoma - Head Country Barbeque

In this week's Made in Oklahoma moment, we head to Ponca City to visit one of the state's more famous food companies, Head Country Barbeque.
Made in Oklahoma - Head Country Barbeque

Made in Oklahoma

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Show 1109: Made in Oklahoma - Head Country Barbeque

Air date: February 27, 2011



Rob McClendon:  Well in this week’s Made in Oklahoma moment, we head to Ponca City to visit one of the state’s more famous food companies, Head Country Barbeque.  Once again, here’s our Andy Barth.

Andy Barth:  When you walk in the door of Head Country Barbeque, your mouth starts watering.

Paul Schatte:  What I like about Head Country, always have, it enhances the flavor of what you’re putting it on. It doesn’t cover it up.

Andy:  Getting its start in Shidler, Oklahoma, Head Country Barbeque is now known as the #1 barbeque sauce in the state.  Paul Schatte is the Co-owner of Head Country.

Paul:  We make all of the barbeque sauce items here.  We also have a dry rub seasoning, a salsa, and a marinade.  Those last three items that I mentioned are co-packed for us in other facilities and shipped here, but they are our products, our recipes that we have created along the way.

Andy:  The recipes are all connected and go way back.

Paul:  We have an original, which started in 1947, and then we’ve created from that, a smokey and a hot.  All of those, all three of them start with a same base; it’s just an addition or deletion of ingredients to come up with the other flavor profiles.

Andy:  And with the success of the sauce came another venture for Head Country.

Paul:  A lot of times a barbeque sauce is created from someone having a restaurant; and that they cook good barbeque and they make their own barbeque sauce.  And so, then they start selling it retail.  Head Country was just the opposite.  Danny started the restaurant back in 1986 to help promote the growth of the barbeque sauce.

Andy:  And with 21 employees, Head Country finds ways to make those special occasions even more unique.

Paul:  In addition to our barbeque sauce, we do gift packages.  And, they’ll vary throughout the year; but, the one that we have available all year long is our Head Country Gift Pack.  And that has the three 18 oz. flavors of barbeque sauce and the 6 oz. bottle of seasoning.  And it’s a really good way to introduce the majority of what Head Country produces, to people.

Andy:  A long time Oklahoma company that is part of a group who offers up, only Oklahoma’s best.

Paul:  Well the Made in Oklahoma Coalition started a little over 10 years ago and Head Country was one of the original companies that worked with some of the other founding companies to start the Made in Oklahoma Coalition.  And, it’s been a very good partnership for everybody that’s been involved, and it’s only grown.

Andy:  Whether you’ve got a hankerin’ for brisket, or spareribs, or just plain barbeque, Head Country is serving it up, the Made in Oklahoma way.

Male Voice:  Made in Oklahoma!