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Made in Oklahoma - Pete's Place

In this week's Made in Oklahoma moment, we visit a restaurant that has history all its own.
Made in Oklahoma - Pete's Place

Pete's Place

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Show 1106: Made in Oklahoma - Pete's Place

Air date: February 6, 2011



Rob McClendon:  Well in this week’s Made In Oklahoma moment, our Alisa Hines takes us to Pete's Place in McAlester, Oklahoma.

Alisa Hines:  For many it’s a stop along the way.

Katie Walters:  People will be traveling through and they’ll say, oh, well we were going down to so and so, but we really had to make sure that Pete’s Place was on our route, you know, because we really, it’s been something our family and our parents and our grandparents have done for years and years.

Alisa:  Pete’s Place.  Katie Walters is Pete’s great-granddaughter and says it’s an Italian restaurant with a unique style.

Katie:  Here at Pete’s Place we do things a little differently.  When you come in and you want a steak for dinner, there’s no side items, you get everything, it’s just kind of served family style.  You’ll get salad and bread in just big bowls for everyone to share or you get big platters of spaghetti and meatballs and ravioli; it’s just a lot of food.  People come here because they can just keep getting more and more and they eat until they’re just completely sick.

Alisa:  Which you can do in the privacy of your own dining room.

Katie:  People like to come here because of the private dining, because it’s just kind of, you can bring your children and not have to worry about them.  We have doors on the private dining rooms; so it’s just kind of a home experience.

Alisa:  Now according to Katie’s brother, Zach Prichard, you can eat many Made In Oklahoma products at Pete’s Place.

Zach Prichard:  The restaurant has been loyal to many Made In Oklahoma products.  Many of our steaks and our other meats are cut from Made In Oklahoma companies.  We’ve been very happy with the products and the quality that Made In Oklahoma has produced.

Alisa:  Including the product made right next door, Choc Beer.

Katie:  Originally when we started brewing Choc Beer, we just had one beer, Choc Beer.  It’s just a cloudy, unfiltered wheat beer that Pete actually got the recipe from the Choctaw Indians.  A lot of people think, oh, we want to try some of that chocolate beer, we’ve heard all about it.  And we’re like, no actually it’s a wheat beer from, you know, the waving wheat in Oklahoma.

Alisa:  A family heritage with their own process.

Zach:  We begin with raw grain that comes in, most of it comes in from Europe and then we get wheat that comes in from the United States.  To the grain, to the wheat, and to the barley we add water at different temperatures to get different amounts of extract, of sugar extracts, out of the water.  And after that process, we put it into big tanks, in big stainless steel tanks called fermenters, and we add yeast.  The yeast feeds on the sugars and that produces what we love to drink, the beer.  So that’s a pretty typical brewing process.

Alisa:  A process that produces approximately 5,000 barrels of beer each year and helps bring customers into Pete’s Place year, after year, after year.

Rob:  Now Alisa tells us the brewing tradition at Pete's Place goes all the way back to prohibition; when workers from the local mines would stop by for a cold one and a homemade sandwich.