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Made in Oklahoma - Irma's Burger Shack

Many local restaurants are offering local food products whether it be condiments or fresh produce. One such Made in Oklahoma user is Irma's Burger Shack in Oklahoma City.
Made in Oklahoma - Irma's Burger Shack

Irma's Burger Shack

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Show 1042: Made in Oklahoma - Irma's Burger Shack

Air date: October 17, 2010



Rob McClendon:  Well when the Made in Oklahoma Food Coalition was formed over a decade ago, the goal was to help local food processors market their products better.  And that’s exactly what’s happening in a number of local restaurants.  Joining me now is our Alisa Hines.

Alisa Hines:  That’s right Rob.  Many local restaurants are offering local food products whether it be condiments, fresh produce, or entrees.  One such Made in Oklahoma user is Irma’s Burger Shack in Oklahoma City.

[sounds of hamburger grilling]

Alisa Hines:  Want beef for dinner?  Then Irma’s Burger Shack may be just the place to serve up that craving; where according to co-owner Linda Lee, they use all natural Oklahoma beef.

Linda Lee:  Irma’s Burger Shack was developed from the need to sell No Name Beef.  My partners from the Coach House in the metro sell the prime cuts, the filet, the strip, the ribeye; they had all this hamburger meat and needed to move it and those two restaurants aren’t known for selling hamburgers.   So we kinda came up with Irma’s Burger Shack.

Alisa:  Now while Irma’s does serve other fare like hot dogs and chicken fried steak, they’re best known for their No Name hamburger served with fresh cut french fries.

[sounds of customers talking]

It’s really delicious!

And No Name Beef is not the only Made in Oklahoma product Irma’s Burger Shack uses.

Linda:  I try to have as many Oklahoma items as I can.  And, and what’s been really great, I’ve seen in the past seven years, is more and more people coming to me and saying, “can you carry my product?”  We wanna, wanna just keep perpetuating the state; we wanna see it grow.  So yea, a lot of people like it.

Alias:  People like John Waldrop and his son Dustin who visit Irma’s on a quite regular basis.

John Waldrop:  Yes, we come here probably three or four times a week; minimum of three.

Alisa:  Why?

John:  We like the food, we like the service, we like the atmosphere.  We like the fact that they’re, they’re part of the Keep It Local Campaign and, and we like to support Keep It Local.  We like Made in Oklahoma, but the main thing is the food and the service; it’s, it’s really good quality food and the service it great.

Alisa:  And Linda has found a unique way to advertise her business, social media.

Linda:  For the little independent restaurant Facebook and Twitter have just been absolutely fantastic.  Through the, the iPhone and all that, you can take a picture of a special you want and shoot it right to your Facebook page and all the sudden people get it.  And what I have found is that if I will Twitter something about 10 minutes to 8, so that it goes into your, your mailbox or your Facebook if you’re getting that, soon as people get to work in an office, they log in.  They check their mail, they check Twitter, they check Facebook first thing.  So get your specials out there first thing, people know what you’re gonna have, and fill ‘em up for lunch.

Alisa:  So from No Name Beef to other Made in Oklahoma products, Irma’s Burger Shack really takes the local flavor serious.

Now besides the midtown location, Irma’s also has another restaurant located at 63rd and Western.

Rob:  Now I understand there is a unique story about how Irma’s got its name.

Alisa:  There is.  When the partners came to Linda with a name, she really didn’t like it so she came up with one where she combined her, both her grandma’s name and it became Irma’s.  And when she took it back to the partners, one of the partners says, well that’s great because my grandma’s name is Irma.  And on top of that she found out her grandma and his grandma both have the same birth date.  So it really shows what a small world it is.

Rob:  Yeah, certainly a home grown company.  Thank you so much Alisa.