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Made in Oklahoma - Value Added Products

Value Added: Northwest Oklahoma farmers wanting to add value to their local wheat created Value Added Products in Alva, Okla., a company that takes locally-grown wheat and turns it into frozen pizza crust.
Made in Oklahoma - Value Added Products

Pizza crust

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Show 1047: Made in Oklahoma - Value Added Products

Air date: November 21, 2010



Rob McClendon:  Well an engineering marvel in its own right, Value Added Products in Alva, Oklahoma, takes locally-grown wheat and turns it into a variety of products shipped nationwide.  Our Alisa Hines takes us for a visit to this Made in Oklahoma company.

Alisa:  It goes in thick, and comes out thin; pizza crust.  Whole wheat pizza crust made from Oklahoma red winter wheat.  Harry Dunker is with Value Added Products and says it was the local farmers’ desire to add value to their crop that really started the whole process.

Harry Dunker:  Value Added Products actually was an idea by a group of farmers here in Alva, back in 1998, and they decided that wheat was $2 a bushel and somebody was making money off the wheat, and it wasn’t the local farmer.  And they went through a bunch of business ideas from a tortilla plant to a flour mill, and they really got excited about this self-rising pizza crust and frozen dough manufacturing.

Alisa:  After 10 years, they’ve expanded to other products; company President, Dirk Merle.

Dirk Merle:  Well, one of the great abilities we have is, in our plant; we have the two pilot lines so we do a lot of customization.  So we’re constantly engaging with customers out there who are asking us to, maybe they’ve seen one of our products and said, you know, I like that, but I’d like it a little bit different.  So we have the ability to, to go back in that pilot line and, and create customized product.

Alisa:  Products not just grown, but made in Oklahoma.

Dunker:  It’s a great selling point because our wheat’s made here.  We produce primarily the hard red winter wheat, and it’s a great selling point when we go out and we tell, you know, our customers that, you know, our investment starts in the fields.  It starts in the local fields and goes through our facility to the end user.  Working with the Made in Oklahoma organization, it enhances our publicity in the state and, and it gives us another revenue to share our product with.

Alisa:  From the field to the freezer, this Made in Oklahoma company adds value all the way around.