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Made in Oklahoma - Chef's Requested

In this week's Made in Oklahoma segment, we visit a homegrown company that is quickly becoming a favorite of everyone from high-end chefs to backyard cooks.
Made in Oklahoma - Chef's Requested


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Show 1045: Made in Oklahoma - Chef's Requested

Air date: November 7, 2010



Rob McClendon:  Well in this week’s Made in Oklahoma segment, our Alisa Hines takes us to a homegrown company that is quickly becoming a favorite of everyone from high-end chefs to backyard cooks.

Ken Bradford:  It’s convenient, cut the package open, I see it, you can see it’s already got seasoning on the surface.

Alisa Hines:  It takes a little work to make meal time easier.  Located in Oklahoma City’s historic stockyards, Chef’s Requested turns meat into an entree.  Ken Bradford is the Executive Chef.

Bradford:  It’s ready to grow also.

We tenderize, we trim, we portion, we marinate, to add value to that.  So the consumer, at the end of the day, whether that’s a restaurant chef buying steaks for his restaurant or the mom who’s trying to put a meal on the table, at the end of the day, we’re adding value to the plate by doing some of the things that somebody else might do in, in between.

Alisa:  Founded in 1979, Chef’s Requested provides beef, chicken, and pork entrees to both restaurants and consumers; company President, John Williams.

John Williams:  Well, the demand is basically for value added products is convenience to the consumers.  Consumers are all looking for something that they can prepare in a few minutes, not take a lot of time, produce something that’s good quality, convenience, their family likes, and then enjoy at the table.

Alisa:  And healthy.

Williams:  By taking fat out of the product, that we do have very lean products for the most part.  Early on in our development as a company, we were in the food service business; food away from home.  And a lot of products at that time, in the meat, steaks area, or I guess even hamburger, people would want lean but the purveyors would not deliver it on a consistent basis.  That was one of our little niches that we discovered early on in our history.  Our secret was, is, and that’s the reason for our name, Chef’s Requested, is that we do what our chefs, whether it’s at home or the fine chefs in the country, that we want to provide them a, a product that they know is going to be the same each and every time.

Bradford:  So we’re giving you the best of everything; it’s portioned to the right portion and its heart healthy.

Alisa:  From marinades to unique recipes, Chef’s Requested is always striving to give the customers something new.

Bradford:  We spend a lot of time trying to figure out what we, what consumers want; researching what they’re looking for and then trying to decide if that’s something we can do; something that we can produce both in a quality that the customer might want and at a price the customer might want to pay.

Alisa:  And customers really like that local flavor.

Williams:  Yea, there’s a segment of our, of our chefs community, that are looking to buy locally.  Many of our retailers are looking at buying locally even to the point that the large ones like a, a Walmart, they’re all about local now; trying to find more products on a local basis.

Alisa:  A Made in Oklahoma company that’s both consumer and chef requested.

Bradford:  See how the juices are trying to run out; I’d like to have let it rest a little longer.