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Made in Oklahoma - Shawnee Milling Co.

Shawnee Milling Company was started by an Oklahoma homesteader, and is now one of Oklahoma's longest operating businesses.
Made in Oklahoma - Shawnee Milling Co.

Shawnee Mills

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Show 1136: Made in Oklahoma - Shawnee Milling Co.

Air date: December 5, 2010



Rob McClendon:  Well started by an Oklahoma homesteader, Shawnee Milling is one of Oklahoma’s longest operating businesses.  Today, Shawnee Milling is a large and sophisticated milling operation; yet, as our Alisa Hines shows us, this Made in Oklahoma company has not lost track of its roots.

Alisa Hines:  Flour, you can’t cook much without it, and thanks to Shawnee Milling Company, its flour fresh from farmer’s fields.  Mark Watts is the head miller.

Mark Watts:  We bring in raw grain like wheat and corn, we grind it through our flour mill or corn mill and we produce finished product either as a raw flour or finished mixes for use in kitchens, restaurant, or home use.

Alisa:  Producing approximately two million pounds of product daily, Sr Vice President, Joe Ford, says it all starts with the local grower.

Joe Ford:  The connection to the farmer is something that’s very important to our company.  We buy directly from them with the grain elevators in western Oklahoma.  And we just have a long tradition of working with them on not only bringing quality wheat but consistent wheat to our customers.

Alisa:  Oklahoma wheat, Oklahoma company.

Joe:  We’ve been very proud to be a part of the Made in Oklahoma Coalition for a number of years.  We think they do a wonderful job of representing us and other Oklahoma food manufacturers.

Alisa:  Founded in 1906 by Joe’s great grandfather, the company started before Oklahoma was even a state and produces more than just flour.

Joe:  He started the company; it was still Indian Territory at the time.  And since that time, the company has been in operation here in Shawnee for over a 100 years producing flour and corn meal products and animal feed products.

Alisa:  Products you can find just about anywhere.

Joe:  Most grocery stores in Oklahoma, you’re able to find our products under the Shawnee Mills and Shawnee Best Brands.  But then you’re also, when you eat at many restaurants around the state, or around the country, you’ll be eating our products as well.  So you can’t really get too far away from us if you’re in Oklahoma.

Alisa:  Shawnee Milling Company, keeping it fresh from the farmer’s field to our tables.