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McDonald's may be a little bit healthier thanks to Oklahoma dairy farmers.


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Show 0942: McDairy

Air date: October 18, 2009



Rob:  Well, to give credit where credit is due, many of our fast food restaurants are starting to serve a healthier menu.  With more on that, here's our Courtenay Dehoff.

Courtenay:  While burgers and fries may still be a major menu item at McDonalds, with the introduction of their McCafé drinks, the fast food chain has quickly become one of the largest buyers of pasteurized milk.  Good news for both health-conscious consumers and local farmers.

Courtenay:  Got milk?  The largest food corporation in the world does, 7 to 10 gallons per store, per week, to be exact.

Wendy Mathenson:  "Milk is a very big product with McDonalds."

Courtenay:  Wendy Mathenson is a McDonalds store manager.

Wendy:  "We usually do the white milk jugs and the chocolate milk jugs.  Which usually go to kids, but there is lots of adults that get those as well.  We also put those in the McCafé drinks which we are now selling, which is a wonder thing.  We also have parfaits that are really good as well.  Just having the milk is a great opportunity for people to realize that there is nutritional value here in McDonalds."

Courtenay:  While milk with a happy meal has always been a favorite among kids, new McCafé drinks are quickly becoming a customer favorite.

Wendy:  "The great thing about those is they are up to 80% milk.  McDonalds is making it easy for people to get one or even more servings with their breakfast or with their morning coffee right here in the drive through."

Courtenay:  Susan Allen works with state dairy producers and says the new McCafé drinks not only benefit your health, but help local farmers."

Susan:   "Dairy farmers ship to the nearest processor, the nearest processor then ships back to their local McDonalds.  A lot of people don't realize a lot of the things you get at McDonalds are as local as they can be."

Courtenay:  And with every third customer now purchasing a McCafé, McDonalds is poised to be a healthy alternative in the fast food market place.

Courtenay:  Well we talked to the franchise owner of the McDonalds we visited and he tells us the McCafé drinks have become a consumer favorite.  Providing a healthy, flavorful alternative to coffee drinks at other retailers that are often twice the price.