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Green Police Cars

The boys in blue are going green in the City of Lawton with electric vehicles.
Green Police Cars

Electric police cars

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Show 0940: Green Police Cars

Air date: October 4, 2009



Rob:  Well the boys in blue are going green, in the city of Lawton, with some new electric vehicles.  Here’s our Courtenay DeHoff.

Courtenay:  Well, with less horsepower and more battery, Lawton police are truly setting an eco-friendly example for communities everywhere.

Courtenay:  The Lawton police department is cutting back on horsepower, moving forward, and going green.   At just twenty-five cents every forty miles, the new six-cylinder Gem car, by Chrysler, may just be what the Lawton police have been waiting for, an easy, inexpensive, eco-friendly way to patrol events in the community.  Deputy Chief, Michael Johnson says why Lawton police decided to test-drive the Gem.

Michael Johnson:  This is an electric car.  It runs on six regular car batteries.  We purchased them for the Lawton Police Department to work on parades, carnivals, moonlight walks things like that.  But, what we really wanted to do with them is use them in some non-traditional law enforcement rolls, do things that don’t demand a patrol car.  We felt that utilizing the electric car, we could save a lot of fuel, limit the impact on the environment, and could really be a good example to our local public.

Courtenay:  Chief Johnson says the totally electric cars are also very easy to store and park, and are ultimately easy to maintain.

Johnson:  Everywhere we go with them, we get a positive response.  People stop us and ask us what they’re about, what kind of mileage they get.  You get a very positive reaction.  I have not gotten one negative response from the public.  I had one gentleman say, Sir, I thank you for being an example to the local government and local public in taking steps to show us the direction we need to be going.

Courtenay:  If they live up to their expectations, electric cars may be a common sight on the streets of Lawton.