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Robert Dean

We introduce you to a metal sculptor whose life story is as unique as his creations.
Robert Dean

Robert Dean

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Robert Dean, Sculptor

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Show 0948: Robert Dean

Air date: November 29, 2009



Rob:  Well living among the beautiful landscape and scenic buildings of Medicine Park are local residents who aren’t soon forgotten.  They’re all quick to tell you that their little town is a slice of heaven for those who call Medicine Park home.  And for one of those residents, the town’s unique character has been a muse to his artistic creativity.  Our Russ Jowell introduces us to a metal sculptor whose life story is as unique as his creations.

Robert Dean:  My job as an artist is to call attention to great animals that could easily not be here if we don’t be careful.

Russ:  It’s a mantra that’s driven artist Robert Dean to pursue a life of passionate creativity.

Robert:  In my art, if you’ve seen any of it, its large, I do love large pieces because I’m kind of doing it for the kids in a way, or the kid inside anyone that will allow themselves a few seconds; and I put my animals, large animals in poses of capturing the moment of their life, like alertness, you know, I see you.

Russ:  His medium of choice, metal.

Robert:  I’m a welder.  I’m scarred up, burned up.  It’s hard work, welding.  And I’ve got some nice pieces out there; got a few at the Great Plains Museum and of course, Medicine Park has been my portfolio.  I’ve decided to just saturate my work in this town.

Russ:  A town that’s served as an inspiration to Robert’s creativity.  Dean is a Native Oklahoman, who chose to settle in Medicine Park for its tranquil beauty and inspiring splendor.

Robert:  When I finally started winding my life up, I decided that I wanted to be over in this area because it’s beautiful, it’s usually very quiet except for this road; this road goes straight into the reserve.  There in the background you can see Mount Scott, it’s really pretty and it’s always there.  It’s comfortable and it reminds me of peace in my youth.  And, the animals have always inspired me, when I was young at Craterville, there used to be a park over there called Craterville, and there were longhorn and buffalo within fifty, twenty feet of you, you could see them and smell them and be afraid of them as a kid.

Russ:  Robert has found serenity in this quaint mountain town, a craftsman at heart, he’s turned his home into an artists’ oasis, creating a personal paradise inside and out.

Robert:  I’m a creation believer, you can call Him what you want; but, this did not happen accidentally, so a unique place, I call it Eden.

Russ:  A true slice of heaven right here in Oklahoma.