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Interview with Elizabeth Salerno - Wind Energy

We visit with Elizabeth Salerno from the American Wind Energy Association about the future of this growing industry.
Interview with Elizabeth Salerno - Wind Energy

Elizabeth Salerno

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Show 0947: Interview with Elizabeth Salerno - Wind Energy

Air date: November 22, 2009



Rob:  Now earlier I visited with Liz Salerno from the American Wind Energy Association on the future of this growing industry.  Liz, for many years wind has been an energy resource that always seemed just beyond the horizon.  Has that game changed?

Liz:  You know what we’re seeing today, I think the facts are really telling the story for wind.  Wind was forty-two percent of all the power that went in the ground in 2008, so between gas and coal and other renewables and other resources, wind alone was forty-two percent.  And so I think that fact alone tells us that wind is a mainstream energy resource, you know, it’s not a marginal source anymore; it has, you know, the profile of exactly what we need for our energy sector in the U S.  It has no emissions, it has no fuel, no fuel price volatility, the wind resource isn’t going anywhere and so it really captures everything that we need to do as a country to sort of move our energy sector forward.

Rob:  In addition to just the energy resource, I know that in this state and much of the wind corridor, wind is providing lots of jobs in rural America.

Liz:  The job story is probably one of the most amazing stories that is starting to get more and more coverage, but hasn’t really bubbled up to the surface in terms of how important it is.  In 2008 for example, we built or announced fifty-five manufacturing facilities just for wind components; and so that’s thousands and thousands of jobs just in manufacturing and so that’s just one piece and as we move forward I think we’ll, you know we want to build a foundation of a brand new manufacturing base in this country that’s going to support wind manufacturing, solar manufacturing, and this new clean energy economy.  And what the most amazing thing is these are jobs that we already have people who are skilled in a way that’s very similar to the skills we need for wind manufacturing and so it’s really just a shift away from some of the sectors in manufacturing that are maybe declining a little bit and seeing less business and just shifting those people into this new economy, this new manufacturing sector, retraining them slightly, and now you have this whole new opportunity for manufacturing.  And so that is probably one of the most exciting pieces and we’re seeing it here in the wind corridor with Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, all having manufacturing facilities for wind being installed.

Rob:  Alright, thank you so much.

Liz:  You're welcome.

Rob:  Now if you would like to learn more about the winds of change blowing here in Oklahoma, a wind energy conference is scheduled for December second and third in Oklahoma City at the Cox Convention Center.  Revolution 2009 is designed for everyone from landowners to community planners, as well as, just anyone interested in our environment.  For a full list of all the seminars to be offered, we have a link to Revolution 2009 on our website.  Simply go to and click on our value added icon.