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A just opened business accelerator in Stillwater, Oklahoma, is named after Michael S. Morgan, the former head of the Oklahoma Senate, and calls for a million square feet of office space, where one day thousands of high tech professionals will work.

A "business accelerator"

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Michael S. Morgan Business Accelerator Building

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Show 0922: Accelerator

Air date: May 31, 2009



Rob:  Well Oklahoma Senator, Mike Morgan, is often credited with finding innovative ways to help the state compete in today’s knowledge based economy.  So it’s only fitting, a just opened business accelerator in Stillwater is named after the former head of the Oklahoma Senate.

Rob:  The master plan for the Oklahoma Technology and Research Park calls for a million square feet of office space, where one day thousands of high tech professionals will work.  Inside you’ll find Ron Duggins.

Ron Duggins:  What we’ve got here at the tech park is a wonderful opportunity to grow technology based businesses and to grow our economy.

Rob:  By helping grow new ones.

Ron Duggins:  We take people who have a lot of gaps in their knowledge and help them build their company, so we kind of pour the foundation for their company.

Rob:  Named after the former head of the Oklahoma Senate, Michael S. Morgan, the business accelerator building is a milestone ensuring that up and coming companies will have a place to succeed.

Mike Morgan:  This will create the kind of jobs and the kind of spinoffs in businesses and jobs that we really, really need in Oklahoma, high-tech, high-education, high-pay type of jobs.

Ron Duggins:  So after we’ve helped someone get off the ground with a company, and they’re ready to go, they’ve got all the gaps of knowledge filled, then they’re ready to move out to this building after say three to five years and really get their sales growth and make their company go.

Mike Morgan: The thing that always really made me want to push for this park’s success is the statewide impact that it has.

Rob:  The research park relies on a partnership between the city of Stillwater, Meridian Technology Center, and Oklahoma State University.

Doug Major:  This was a unique setting for Oklahoma; it was a unique initiative in which three major players in Stillwater could come together and create something really unique and exciting for the community.

Burns Hargis:  We take research and technology that comes out of the university, it’s converted into a commercial enterprise, a commercial product and businesses that take that on and move forward with them are accelerated into the commercial market.

Ron Duggins:  So we can have companies that are traditionally a laboratory type company, or someone who might even be manufacturing some kind of technology product.  So as companies come from OSU, come from the Meridian Technology Center incubator, to locate here in this location, then what we hope to see as well, is other companies being attracted to Stillwater and to the tech park because of all the activity that’s going on.

Rob:  Using technology to develop the local economy, and Stillwater’s future.