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Oklahoma Moment 2

We take a peek at a moment in Oklahoma's History from the Oklahoma History Center. This peek showcases the Hatbox Field in Muskogee which was one of the landing sites for the first ‘round-the-world' flight.
Oklahoma Moment 2

Aviation in Oklahoma

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Show 0920: Oklahoma Moment 2

Air date: May 17, 2009



In 1924, Hatbox Field in Muskogee was one of the landing sites for the first ‘round-the-world flight.  The army blazed this new trail, for others to follow; others, like Charles Lindbergh, in 1927, when he flew the first solo non-stop across the Atlantic.  And on his triumphant tour in the U S, he stopped in Muskogee and Oklahoma City.  He even took time to speak at a ribbon cutting ceremony at Oklahoma City University.  Frank Phillips sponsored two planes in the Dole Pineapple Race that same year.  The Oklahoma had to turn back, but the Woolaroc made the first flight from California to Hawaii.  In 1928, Spartan Aviation began operation at the brand new Tulsa airport.  Among the famous airlines that started with Tulsa were Braniff and Halliburton Safe Way airlines utilizing four tri motors.