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Oklahoma Moment 1

We take a peek at a moment in Oklahoma's History from the Oklahoma History Center. This peek showcases the first flight of the Wright Brothers in Oklahoma City.
Oklahoma Moment 1

Aviation in Oklahoma

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Show 0920: Oklahoma Moment 1

Air date: May 17, 2009



One hundred years ago, the Wright brothers took us into a new realm of human experience, powered flight.  Since that time, Oklahoma and Oklahomans have stood at the leading edge of this exciting frontier.  The first flight in Oklahoma took place in Oklahoma City on March 18th, 1910, near the present day site of Capitol Hill High School.  A traveling aviator, Charles Willard, took to the air for a couple of short hops.  By May of the next year, Clyde Cessna, was test flying his first airplane over the Great Salt Plains.  Airstrips and barnstormers made their way into the state during the teens and twenties, and several Oklahomans served their country in the skies over Europe during World War I.  It was about that time, that Fort Sill began its long association with aviation.