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Miniature Bulls

It's said you can't judge something by it's size but maybe you can. An event called miniature bullriding is one some are calling the next "big" thing. Take a wild ride at the extreme miniature bull riding tour.
Miniature Bulls

Bull riding

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Show 0923: Miniature Bulls

Air date: June 7, 2009



Rob:  Well it’s said you can’t judge something by its size.  Well maybe in this case, you can.  It’s miniature bull riding, and some say it could be the next big thing.  Our Keith Smith takes us on a wild ride with a look at the extreme miniature bull riding tour.

Keith:  Meet Colten Beaty.

Colten:  This one’s Clarence.

Keith:  After showing off a miniature bucking bull or two, a bit of insight into the special breed that the young rider believes could revolutionize bull riding.

Colten Beaty:  They buck harder, and the steers, they don’t have as much meat on them; and the miniature bulls, they have more meat on them, where you can get a better hold.

Keith:  They are born to buck, making for an unforgettable full-sized ride on a pint-sized bull. Shane Daniel puts on the extreme miniature bull riding tour.

Shane Daniel:  The miniature bucking bulls give the kids a feel of what a big bull’s going to be.  I think that kids are better prepared, after they get off our miniatures, for a future in bull riding.

Dustin Cooper:  A lot more power, and bringing a lot more meat, to these boys.

Keith:  It’s Dustin Cooper’s job to work with the bulls, and he  says they help with the little things, teaching kids the fundamentals of bull riding.

Cooper:  Some bulls come up that can really buck and kids that perform at a higher level.

Daniel:  They want to step up a level, but maybe they’re not ready for twelve-hundred pound junior bulls.  So we supply the miniature bucking bulls for them, and I think it fits the ticket.

Keith:  It’s tough, but the tour just may be a way to get on top in competitive bull riding.

Daniel:  When you get into the competitive sport of bull riding, you’ve got to be at the top of your game, and we’re looking for that high percentage of the kids that are getting maybe bored with steers.

Cooper:  We’re going to try and see some future PBR champions come up.

Beaty:  My goal is to just go ride for PBR, and ride for God, and have fun riding bulls, and just go ride.