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Foundation Scholarship

A round of golf this summer is helping a group of teachers better prepare for the classroom this fall. We introduce you to one teacher who is using the financial help to help her students.

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Show 0935: Foundation Scholarship

Air date: August 30, 2009



Rob:  Now in addition to the classroom work, this year's academy featured trips to the OU duck pond, the OU Health Sciences Center, and a visit to a wind turbine manufacturer.  Well a round of golf this summer is helping another group of teachers better prepare for the classroom this fall.  Russ Jowell introduces us to an instructor who is using the financial help to help her students.

Tonya Montgomery:  Confidence, maybe setting, foundations, setting examples.

Russ:  For Metro Tech’s Tonya Montgomery, there’s excellence in beauty, and beauty in excellence.

Montgomery:  I always encourage them to leave the negative out, think on positive things.

Russ:  Tonya teaches cosmetology here at Metro Tech’s Beauty Academy, sharing her knowledge about style while styling a culture of success in her students.

Montgomery:  What I hope that they would take from here, from the Metro Tech Beauty Academy, is just all of those things that will create a foundation in order for them to be able to execute what they have learned here.

Russ:  And while Tonya’s mission is to lay a solid foundation for her students, she, herself, is getting a boost from another foundation, the CareerTech Foundation.

Brent Kisling:  They’ve come together for a common goal; one, to play a little golf today and enjoy the fellowship together.  But also to raise money for scholarships and to help increase our number of CareerTech teachers.

Russ:  It’s the annual CareerTech Foundation scholarship tournament.  An event that foundation president, Brent Kisling, says brings people together for some good times and a good cause.

Kisling:  They will be raising money for scholarships for teachers this year for the CareerTech system.

Russ:  Teachers that Brent says make a lifelong impression on their students.

Kisling:  I personally am a product of the CareerTech system and can tell you those teachers are what makes the difference.

Russ:  And for teachers like Tonya, receiving the scholarship means a boost for her whole class.

Montgomery:  I really thought that it would be beneficial for me to apply for the scholarship, because it would help me with more resources.  It would give me more resources to be able to give to the students.

Russ:  Resources that Tonya hopes will broaden the horizons of her students.

Montgomery:  There are different positions that people can be in, with a cosmetology license.  So that’s my drive and my motivation just to encourage and inspire them to move beyond the chair.

Russ:  Showing that a few strokes on the links can go a long way in education.